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Ronnie Wilson
Ronnie Wilson Presents a Television Party For Children With Four Jacks And A Jill
Television Party LP ......... SPL 3378 1979 SABC/GALLO
Side One:
1. Television Party
2. Eensy Weensy Spider
3. Polly-Wolly-Wog
4. Four Brand New Puppies
5. My Dutch Clock
6. Blue Tail Fly
Side Two:
1. I Just Keep On Growing
2. Sarie Marais
3. Pinnochio
4. Old McDonald Had A Farm
5. Medley: Home On The Range
.................. Clementine
.................. On Top Of Old Smokey
6. This Old Man

Betty Misheiker; Doris Brasch; Ronnie Wilson
Jack In The Box LP ............ MFP 54745 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side 1:
1. Jack In The Box
2. Busy Little Ant
3. If You Were As Small As Your Thumb
4. Crossness Is Catchy
5. Pretty Polly Parrot
Side 2:
1. Let's Pretend
2. Hip-Hip-Hip-Po-Pot-A-Mister
3. Little Donkey
4. Sweet Little Lady
5. A Home For Me

JACK IN THE BOX offers yet another collection of delightful songs for little people from the imagination of BETTY MISHEIKER.
With her wholesome, robust songs, Betty has solved, with outstanding success the problem of finding suitable recorded music for young children. There is an educational twist to LET'S PRETEND and A HOME FOR ME... some good advice in CROSSNESS IS CATCHY... humourin THE BUSY LITTLE ANT and HIPPOPOTAMISTER... a world of make-believe in SWEET LITTLE LADY and IF YOU WERE AS SMALL AS YOUR THUMB... while a wicked JACK IN THE BOX gets his just rewards... to mention a few.
The songs are most charmingly and lovingly performed by DORIS BRASCH, who is well-known to both adult and child audiences, and RONNIE WILSON, the popular radio and TV personality. Neither DORIS nor RONNIE are newcomers to the field of singing to children and both know excatly how to bring intimacy, warmth and good fun into their interpretations, enormously increasing their appeal to our young listeners.

Good Hope / Ballad Of A Brave Man 7" . SSC.907 1968 CBS

Something To Think About / Echo From The Hills 7" . PD.9076 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

I'll Step Aside / Heartaches By The Number 7" . PD.7-9023 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

Catch The Wind / (The) Children Of The Island 7" . PD.7-8964 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

The Kentuckian Song / Coo-Se-Coo 7" . PD.7-8960 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

Wings Of A Dove / Pum-Pa-Lum 7" . PD.7-8941 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

Don't You Ever Want My Love / The Connie Song 7" . PD.7-8875 GALLOTONE/CONTINENTAL

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