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Roger Lucey


Back In From The Anger . 2013 JACANA
ISBN: 9781431404537

The story of a once promising young musician, this autobiography demonstrates how Roger Lucey's life journey was radically changed by the South African apartheid. Having performed songs that reflected upon the cruelty and violence of late 1970s South Africa, Lucey drew unwanted attention from the State and police. A covert operation made sure that his music career was severely curtailed, forcing Lucey to search for other means of supporting himself. Following the musician as he explored various careers, including becoming a barman, a roadie, a sound technician, and a news cameraman, this account, told with humanity and humor, is shares the hardships of a nation's history.

Homeroad LP ........................................
1. Rewriting History
2. Come The Day
3. All In The Heart
4. Could I Still Touch You
5. Rain In Bologna
6. The Night Harry J Went To War
7. The Soft Glow Of Dreams
8. Gypsy Soul
9. Heroes
10. Running For Cover
11. I.C.U.
12. I'm Alright Now
13. Time To Go

Gypsy Soul LP .................................... 2002
1. If You Don't Know Where You Been
2. Come The Day
3. The Night Harry J Went To War
4. Running For Cover
5. Gypsy Soul
6. Could I Still Touch You
7. The Soft Glow Of Dreams
8. Heroes
9. I'm Alright Now
10. Time To Go

21 Years Down The Road 2CD . 0034-7 2000
Disk 1:vetseun
1. Windy Days
2. The Road Is Much Longer
3. Lungile Tabalaza
4. Thabane
5. You Only Need Say Nothing
6. Storms & Fires
7. Crossroads
8. False Alarms
9. Hanging Round The Middle
10. Spaces Tell Stories
11. The Other Side Of Town
Disk 2:
1. No Easy Walk To Freedom
2. Cape Of Storms
3. Back From The Anger
4. The Line
5. Hunger In Your Heart
6. Running For Cover
7. Pat & Sally
8. The Night Harry J Went To War
9. If You Were In My Shoes
10. I'm All Right Now

Running For Cover ........................... 1990

Half A Live LP .................. WIC 8000 1980 WEA RECORDS
Side One:
1. Devils On The Backstair
2. Hanging Round The Middle
3. New Movie
4. Just Another Ruler
5. The Boys Are In Town
Side Two:
1. False Alarms
2. Dry Wine
3. Spies Eyes
4. The Other Side Of Town

Produced by David Marks and Roger Lucey at MC Studios

New Movie / Hanging Round The Middle 7" . WIS 542 1980 WEA RECORDS

The Road Is Much Longer LP . 3EE 7004 1979 3RD EAR MUSIC
1. Windy Days
2. The Road Is Much Longer
3. Pre-Azanian Christmas Song
4. Lungile Tabalaza
5. Treading Carefully
6. Pay Me The Dues On My Bottles
7. You Only Need Say Nothing
8. Crossroads
9. Thabane
10. I Don't Want Your Guillotine
11. No Change

Windy Days / The Road Is Much Longer 7" . 3EZ 012 1979 3RD EAR MUSIC

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