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Rocking Horse .com
Rockabilly Band ............ HOEZD195 2008 HOEZIT MUSIEK
1. Rockabilly Band
2. All Over Now
3. W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.
4. Good Morning, Beautiful
5. Judy's Birthday
6. Prelude
7. What The Heart Already Knows
8. Mrs. Robinson
9. Hey There Delilah
10. Teach Your Children
11. Make You Feel My Love
12. Tequila Sunrise
13. Freckles
14. Livin' On Love
15. Rockabilly Band
16. It's All Over Now
17. The Road

All The Hits...And More . HOEZD58 1999 HOEZIT MUSIEK
1. Down South In New Orleans
2. I Can't Dance
3. Alone With You
4. Full Moon Empty Heart
5. Hey Marie Marie
6. Margarita (Te Quiero)
7. She's So In Love
8. Now That's What I Call Love
9. Love At First Sight
10. Southern Delight
11. Dancing In The Kitchen
12. Sugar Daddy
13. Another Day (With You)
14. You
15. Someone Loves You Honey
16. Every Little Tear
17. Saturday Night
18. Look At You

Someone Loves You LP . CBK (M) 7098 1988 TRANSISTOR
Side One:
1. Down South In New Orleans (Bobby Charles, Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin, Johnnie Wright)
2. Don't You Want To Fall In Love (T. Ridgway)
3. You're My Jamaica (K. Robbins)
4. Country Blue (C. Ridgway, T. Ridgway)
5. Sugar Daddy (David Bellamy)
Side Two:
1. The Lonely Guitar (C. Ridgway, T. Ridgway)
2. Someone Loves You Honey (D. De Vaney, J. Gibson)
3. Alone With You At Your Place For The Night (C. Ridgway)
4. Today I Started Loving You Again (M. Haggard, B. Owens)
5. You Are My Rainbow (When I'm Feeling Blue) (T. Ridgway)

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