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Robbie Malinga
African Love Story ........ HHRCD 009 2010 SHEER
1. Sweet Baby
2. Ofana Nawe
3. Isikhwele Sakho
4. Ngiya Gcwala Ngawe
5. Ama Hemu Hemu
6. Never Too Late
7. Noma Bengathini
8. Sipho Sami
9. Umgidi
10. Uyohlala Ungowami
11. It's Cold Outside
12. Sobabili

Robby Malinga
Lilizela Mzantsi .............. CDHOLA2008 TKZEE WREKORDS
1. Mkhwenyana
2. Lilizela
3. Baby Ho
4. Mabhiza
5. Inhliziyo Yam
6. S'Godi Phola
7. Isipho Sami
8. Never Too Late
9. Umgidi
10. Mawabuye
11. Maskandi

Few producers have the reputation Robbie Malinga does. Together with his creative partner, Mojalefa Thebe, Malinga has produced top-selling and award winning artists like Ntando, Brown Dash, Deborah Fraser, Adilah, Kabelo, Arthur, and more. And although Malinga has, over the years, claimed some time as a solo artist with hits like "Susana", "Mporomporoma" and "Malume" he has never come into his own in this regard.
That is all about to change with the release of his album LILIZELA. The album's title track is already doing great business for Malinga at radio. Featuring the inimitable Ntando, the song is nothing short of sensational. LILIZELA is overflowing with potential hits and fan favourites. Among these are "Inhliziyo Yami", the lovely "Isipho Sami" and the groovy "Mkhwenyana". Malinga also picks up peace and introduces a party mode on "Baby Yo" which features the talented Puleng Toli. "Umabhiza" is another party slammer that will get audiences going on the dancefloor. Malinga's ability to pen lyrics that speak directly to the heart of South Africans is evident on "Umgidi" where he reminds his fellow blacks to remember their roots and culture. LILIZELA is an Afro-jazz album with influences ranging from mbaqanga to Afro-pop and adult contemporary. Malinga's main focus is to build a music legend, and create catalogue type of music. In LILIZELA, this gifted producer, songwriter and solo artist has done just that...

Robbie Malinga
Heavy Weight ..................... CDTSR 010 TS RECORDS
1. Khuza Madiba
2. Mkhuzeni
3. We Mzala
4. Umshela Kanjani
5. Sobabili
6. Sana Lwami
7. Hold On
8. Uthando
9. It's Cold Outside
10. Mr.Bani
11. Ngifuna Wena
12. Good Old Days
13. Uhamba Nobani
14. Giya Mzantsi
15. Uyo Hlalu Ngowami

Robbie Malinga
Susana ..................... CDGMP 40928 2004 GALLO
1. Susana
2. Umendo met Gabi & S'Fiso
3. Mabhebeza
4. Asophola met Nelly
5. Sthandwa Sam met Ntando
6. 2 Shelen
7. Vusmuzi (Vusumuzi) met The Mahotella Queens
8. Ongwana Mang?
9. U Stubborn
10. Botsotso met Snero
11. So Lala La
12. Imali Yami

Robbie Malinga
Meadowlands ................. CDCCP 2065 CCP RECORDS
1. Sophie
2. Two Two Skief
3. Uthando Lwami
4. Inhliziyo Yami
5. Isipho Sami
6. Umgidi
7. Ungowami
8. Never Too Late
9. Sweet Baby
10. Msawawa
11. Injabulo
12. Binne Plaas
13. Ngifuna Ujesu

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