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Robbie Jansen (-2010)
Nomad Jez ................ CDMOU 4484 2005 MOUNTAIN/EMI
1. Elsie's Toe
2. Welcome Home - Sarah Baartman
3. Grassy Park Requiem
4. Cape Joy
5. Sommer Ghoema
6. Song For Carmine
7. Redemption Song
8. What's Going On
Bonus Track + Data track

Yet again a brilliant contribution to South African Jazz from the lips of the master saxophonist - Robbie Jansen!!
Robbie made his name on the "Manenberg" recordings and in the live line-up of Dollar Brand but in truth he was not really properly recognised for his contribution to that success. He has performed with many other bands, Spirits Rejoice, Pacific Express, Juluka, Sabenza, to name only a few. His work with Basil Coetzee remains to this day some of the tightest horn section playing in local jazz.
On NOMAD JEZ he is joined by his star studded band, The Sons of Table Mountain. The group includes Hilton Schilder on keyboards, Allou April and Errol Dyers on guitars, Spencer Mbadu and Basil Moses on bass, Ivan Bell on Drums, and several other guests.
He is not only a fine saxophone player but is also a great singer. On this album he has two vocal tracks. A little surprise!

sien Dollar Brand, Genuines, Juluka, Margaret Singana

en The Sons of Table Mountain
The Cape Doctor ............ MOU 7516 2000 MOUNTAIN
1. The Cape Doctor (Introduction)
2. Home-Grown
3. Criminal Minded
4. Mankunku
5. Khoisan Symphony
6. Georgia On My Mind
7. Tasteful Thoughts
8. Cape Medley
9. Zeekoevlei
10. Labourer's Samba
11. Khosian Symphony No. 2 - An African Symphony
12. Robbie Bop
13. Air Free

Do You Want To? .................................... EAT ME

Vastrap Island .................... SEK101 1991 SEA/MOUNTAIN
1. How I'd Love To Feel Free
2. Love Song For A Forgotten People
3. Kalahari Thirst
4. Hotnotstee Party
5. Bokaap Kwela
6. Down South In Africa
7. Winds Of Change
8. Hoya-Tjie-Bongo
9. Umfanekiso Nyagyeni
10. Da Ghomma Call

Down In South Africa / Winds Of Change 7" . SES 104 1989 SEA RECORDS

Sabenza (Basil "Mannenberg" Coetzee; Robbie Jansen)
Sabenza LP/CD ........... CD MOU522 1988 MOUNTAIN
1. African Jazz Dance
2. CT Blues
3. Khayalitsha Dance
4. Song For Winnie
5. Coventry Road
6. Mama

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