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RJ Benjamin
Inside .................................... SCCD 244 SOUL CANDI

House Bound ...................... SCCD 077 SOUL CANDI

Swimming In The Soul Of Music . CDGRUF062 GHETTO RUFF
1. Music
2. Gonna Make It On My Own
3. Say Yeah
4. Without You
5. Shut Up met Zubz
6. Burden
7. Soulful Love
8. Don't Wanna met Nothende
9. Anymore
10. Nothing Left But The Music
11. I Don't Love You met Dan Patlansky
12. I'm Good
13. Overloaded met Hip Hop Pantsula
14. Dreamer (Bonus Track)

RJ Benjamin wrote his first song at the tender age of eight. Inspired by Michael Jackson's classic Man in the Mirror, this gifted child wrote Life in a Mirror. I was always shy in school and felt that whatever I was feeling would be better expressed through my songs, reminisces RJ. By age 15 he was playing the piano. About the same time he was introduced to Prince whos music changed his perspective of music and artistry. He was also inspired by Miriam Makeba, Stevie Wonder, Mahaila Jackson and various other Gospel and Soul artists.RJ Benjamin is South Africa's most famous teacher. Not only does he lecture music at Allenby Campus School of Contemporary Music and the National School of the Arts, he was voted the most popular teacher on M-Nets Project Fame. RJ Benjamin's first professional appearance was at Metro FM Awards last year where he stunned South Africas music elite with his incredible performance. RJ is amongst the best composer/singer/musician this country has ever produced, says Ghetto Ruff owner, Lance Stehr. He has global potential.

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