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Best Of: 2000 - 2014 ..... SLCD 297 2014 SHEER
1. Wishing Well
2. My Baby
3. Tainted
4. Today
5. Damn The Fire
6. Jet Life
7. Ta, Ta, Jozi, Ta, Ta
8. When Grace Grew Tall
9. All For The Better
10. Lucky Fish
11. Halo (Live)
12. Rage On
13. Dancing In A Storm
14. Belong
15. Out Of Body
16. I Am Frank
17. You-Boat

PLUSH have built an incredibly loyal fan base over the past 17 years, having stood the test of time in an industry where bands come and go overnight.
They have consistently managed to pack out live venues without needing to be the mainstream flavour of the week, but rather the constantly loved band who have always been an essential part of their fans' music experience. One only need attend a show and witness the crowd singing along word for word to understand the emotional connection between performer and audience.
PLUSH have collected countless stories and created great memories on their musical journey, from on stage proposals to fans life changing experiences. However, as with all the good, there are those heartbreaking moments as well, of which the most tragic was the passing of lead guitarist Chas Smit in September 2005.

Plush ..................................... SEED 140 SEED MUSIC
1. Dancing In A Storm
2. I Am Frank
3. What He Fancies
4. Out Of Body
5. 1999
6. Carousel
7. Always Awake
8. Nostalgia
9. Conundrum
10. Belong
11. You-Boat

A Few Blinding Views .......... SEED 120 SEED MUSIC
1. Today
2. What I'm Thinking About
3. Wishing Well
4. Able
5. Postcard
6. Impressive Sun
7. Ta Ta Jozi Ta Ta
8. I Wonder Of You
9. My Baby
10. Love Away The Days
11. Halo
12. Sky Fire

All That Is Should Be ........... SEED 119 SEED MUSIC
1. Trouble
2. Today
3. Like Planes
4. Erla
5. Fits Of Life
6. Tainted
7. Iris
8. Damn The Fire
9. Ta Ta, Jozy, Ta Ta
10. Far Beyond
11. My Baby
12. Jet Life

Rage On (Remastered Deluxe Edition) . SEED 117 SEED MUSIC
1. When Grace Grew Tall
2. Freedom Town
3. Lucky Fish
4. All For The Best
5. Warfare
6. These Days
7. Hope
8. Right Here
9. Seeking
10. Last Breath
11. Rage On

"The future is coming / picking up speed" implores Rory Eliot, lead singer of Plush. It is a line in the middle of the fifth song off the band's third and latest studio album, Rage On. It would be easy to miss, but for the resonating relevance. It explodes from the very heart of the album, an inspired eleven-track reflection on self-discovery, and succinctly sums up the state of one of South Africa's most celebrated bands.
Plush first flickered on the South African music map back in 2003. Alongside lead guitarist Chas Smit's creative flair, Eliot's songwriting ability and natural charisma merged seamlessly to produce songs such as Tainted, which hit No.1 on TuksFM, and Today and My Baby which received regular radio play, the latter getting airtime on MTV. Described as "so unbelievably tight that they sound as though they are one masterful musician, playing two guitars, with four arms and one almighty voice", Plush were known for their masterful live gigs, exhibitions of incredible musicianship, as well as a message that was simple, heartfelt and uplifting.
Then the unthinkable, as their initial rocket ride ended tragically when Smit was killed by an alleged drunk driver when attempting to cross a street in Pietermaritzburg in September 2005. Engulfed by grief, Eliot took a six month sabbatical before returning as a solo artist, determined to fulfill a promise he'd made to Smit that they would make it. His journey was one not meant to be undertaken alone, however, and soon Peters and Gassibe and then Wegelin pledged their future to ensuring that the promise and potential of Plush did not end in tragedy.

Rage On .............................. PLUSH003

skakels :

2014 04 27 - Park Acoustics in association with Jack Daniel's: Jack Daniel's Music Stage: Gerald Clark, Plush, Radio Kalahari Orkes, Guy Buttery & Nibs van der Spuy, Albert Frost, DJ Michael Lesar, Comedy with Dusty Rich, Isaac Gampu & Loyiso Madinga, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 11:00, R100, R120, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Brent Black - GAP

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