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Petit Cheval
Once In A Lifetime . FRESHCD157 2006 FRESH MUSIC
1. Magical Touch
2. Young Lions
3. Once In A Lifetime
4. Dreams Come True
5. It Was The Wind
6. Pray Like A Child
7. Imagination
8. My Bleeding Heart
9. Deep Blue
10. What Took You So Long
11. The Voice Of Reason
12. Round The World
13. Glory, Glory
14. Love Is Knocking (At Your Door)
15. Seems Like Heaven
16. Fine Time
17. Keep On Running

is Jonathan Selby, Sheldon Thomas, Johan Griessel, Craig Else, Danny de Wet, Sue Carroll, Richard Mitchell, Adrian Strydom, Kim Saville, Greg Cutler

Young Lions LP ........... WOND127 1995 ONE WORLD ENTERTAINMENT/TUSK
1. Once In A Lifetime
2. Magical Touch
3. Pray Like A Child
4. It Was The Wind
5. Love Is Knocking (At Your Door)
6. My Bleeding Heart
7. The Voice Of Reason
8. Young Lions
9. Glory Glory
10. Round The World
11. Imagination
12. Dreams Come True
13. Seems Like Heaven
14. Deep Blue
15. Fine Time

The Perfect Gift TC/LP . ZWIH 7033/WIH 7033 1986 WEA RECORDS
1. The Voice Of Reason
2. Round The World
3. Glory Glory
4. Love Is Knocking (At Your Door)
5. Seems Like Heaven
6. Fine Time

It Was The Wind (Remix) / It Was The Wind (Remix) 7" . WEA 201 PRO 1986 WEA RECORDS

The Voice Of Reason TC/LP . ZWI 8024/WIC 8024 1985 WEA RECORDS/RPM/EMI
Side One:
1. Young Lions (Selby)
2. Once In A Lifetime* (Selby)
3. Dreams Come True (Selby)
4. It Was The Wind (Selby)
Side Two:
1. Pray Like A Child (Selby)
2. Imagination (Selby)
3. My Bleeding Heart (Selby)
4. Deep Blue (Selby)
5. What Took You So Long (Selby)

Voice: John Selby
Keyboards: Sheldon Thomas
Guitars: Craig Else
Bass: Johan Griesel
Drums and Percussive Toys: Danny de Wet
Business and Management: Sue Carroll

Produced and Arranged by: Petit Cheval and John Shaugnessy
Engineered: Richard Mitchell
Programmes and Sonic Advice: Adrian Strydom
Production Manageress: Kim Saville
All Compositions: John Selby
*Produced by: Greg Cutler and John Selby
Recorded at: RPM Studios
Mixed at: RPM Studios

It Was The Wind (Remix) / Deep Blue 7" . WIS 854 1985 WEA RECORDS

My Bleeding Heart / What Took You So Long 7" . WIS 846 1985 WEA RECORDS

Once In A Lifetime / Keep On Running 7" . WIS 837 1985 WEA RECORDS

Magical Touch / Deep In The Heart 7" . WIS 828 1984 WEA RECORDS

Magical Touch / Keep On Running 7" . 1984 WEA RECORDS

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