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Paul Robinson
sings/sing Street Singer Favourites/Straat Sanger Gunstelinge LP . GALP 1256/GBS 9/GALLOTONE/GALA
Side One:
1. Marta (W. Gilbert-N. Simons)
2. 'n Plekkie In My Hart (Ravenscroft-De Waal)
3. Rose Of San Antone (Wills)
4. Whistling Waltz (Stone-Terney)
5. Harbour Lights (Kennedy-Williams)
6. Weste Windjie (Chris du Toit)
Side Two:
1. Tafelbaai (A. de Waal)
2. South Of The Border (K. Kennedy-M. Carr)
3. Glimlag Deur Jou Trane (Ravenscroft-De Waal)
4. Laugh Clown Laugh (Lewis-Young)
5. Love's Last Word Is Spoken, Cherie (Bixio-Sievier)
6. Goodnight My Love (G. Revel)

met Duffy Ravenscroft en sy Orkes

Paul Robinson, who recalls memories on this record of that great artist The Street Singer, has been in show business pretty well as long as he can remember.
Born in Thabanchu, O.F.S., he moved to Grahamstown with his family as a young boy and made his first broadcast from the SABC Studios in that city at the age of nine - as a baritone! His amazing voice soon landed him contracts at the local cinemas, and his big break came a few months later when he was invited to join the top-line international variety show headed by Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon. With these famous Hollywood entertainers he toured all the major cities of South Africa and Rhodesia.
At the age of 14, when his family settled in Johannesburg, Paul was heard again in many stage presentations with Dean Herrick at the 20th Century Theatre and in Sunday night concerts with John Connell at the City Hall.
After leaving school, Paul adopted the stage as a full-time profession, appearing at His Majesty's in the successful London-starred pantomine, "Robinson Crusoe", and at the Standard Theatre in the Frank Rogaly revues "Ace High" and "The Crazy Show". Later, with his own act, "The Hollywood Rogues", he toured the whole country on the African Theatres circuit.
It was after this tour that Paul turned his attention to dance music, joining the popular Hendrik Susan Band as featured vocalist and remaining with this outfit for 8 years. He then opened his own "Werdaklub", acting as manager and leading his own specially picked band.
In 1949 he made his Hit Parade recording of "Bluebird of Happiness", one ofthe first South African discs to reach the much envied "best-seller" bracket.
In recent years Paul has found the success formula again in his teamwork with Duffy Ravenscroft, and the amazing Robinson voice has lent added attraction to all the bright and breezy Duffy longplayers. On this disc Paul and Duffy are together once more and the songs they have chosen are the songs Paul loves most - romantic ballads with that special Street Singer mood, songs that will appeal to all listeners.

Paul Robinson, wat op hierdie opname gunstelinge van die groot kunstenaar Die Straatsinger in herrinerring roep het voor gehore opgetree vir solank hy kan onthou.
Gebôre in Thabanchu, O.V.S. en het as jong seun saam met sy ouers verhuis naGrahamstad, en hier vir die eerste keer in die SAUK Ateljee opgetree, op nege jarige ouderdom - as bariton. Sy fantastiese stem het hom in 'n ommesientjie verskeie kontrakte besorg om in die plaaslike skouburge op te tree, sy groot kans in die gebied het egter 'n paar maande later gekom toe hy uitgenooi is om in 'n internasionale verskeidenheids konsert onder leiding van Bebe Daniels en Ben Lyon op te tree. Met hierdie beroemde Hollywood kunstenaars het hy deur al die vernaamste stede van die Republiek en die Rhodesies getoer.
Op 14 jarige leeftyd, het sy ouers hulle in Johannesburg gevestig en was Paul weer gehoor in verskeie aanbieding met Dean Herrick by die 20th Century Skouburg, en in die Sondagaand konserte met John Connell by die Stadsaal.
Na hy die skool verlaat het, het Paul die verhoog as 'n voltydse profesie betree en saam met 'n groep London kunstenaars opgetree in die suksesvolle pantomine "Robinson Crusoe" by His Majesty's Skouburg, asook in die Standard Teater in die Frank Rogaly revue "Ace High" en "The Crazy Show". Later met sy eie opvoering "The Hollywood Rogues" het hy weereens dwarsdeur die land op uitnodiging van African Theatres opgetree.
Dit was na afloop van die toer dat Paul sy aandag aan dansmusiek geskenk het en toe ook by die gewilde Hendrik Susan orkes as hoof sanger aangesluit, en, by die groep vir agt jaar gebly het. Waarna hy sy eie "Werdaklub" geopen het waar hy as bestuurder opgetree het asook sy eie uitgesoekte orkes gelei het.
In 1949 maak hy "Bluebird of Happiness" een van die eerste Suid-Afrikaanse plate om die gesogte treffer merk te bereik.
In die laaste jare het Paul weer die sukses formula gevind in sy spanwerk met Duffy Ravenscroft en die fantastiese Robinson stem 'n bykomende aantrekking tot die lig en swierige Duffy Langspelers. Op die plaat is Paul en Duffy weer saam en die liedjies wat hulle uitgesoek het is die liedjies wat Paul die meeste van hou om te sing, romantiese ballades in daardie spesiale Straatsinger stemming, liedjies wat sal by val vind by al die luisteraars. - R.T. - omslag

Paul Robinson Sing Danie Bosman LP . ORC 6046 1970 WORLD RECORD CO.
Kant Een:
1. Ou Musikant
2. Kaapse Draai
3. Net 'n Stille Uurtjie
4. Bossie Van Die Bosveld - MP3 >>>
5. Berg Rivier
6. In Die Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg
Kant Twee:
1. Boereseun
2. My Skat
3. Daar Onder In Die Kaap
4. Marie
5. Plaas Toe
6. Groenkoringlande

Wyle Danie Bosman se talent as 'n liedskrywer van die hoogste gehalte word beklemtoon in die Danie Bosman verhaal wat tans in Suid-Afrika vertoon word.
Die talentvolle Paul Robinson, welbekende sanger en kunstenaar, het ook met sy jongste en uitmuntende langspeelplaat, ,,", groot sukses behaal. Paul se gevoelvolle vertolking van Danie Bosman se liedere het ten gevolge die samesmelting van twee van Suid-Afrika se grootste kunstenaars in die afgelope paar jaar.

The film, of the Danie Bosman story currently being shown in South Africa has high-lighted the talent of the late Danie Bosman as a songwriter of the highest order.
The talents of Paul Robinson as a singer and performer are also wellknown, but he too has had these talents high- lighted by his latest and phenomenally successful L.P. record "Little Pal". Paul's warm, rich voice and sympathetic rendering of whatever he sings, makes the blending of Danie Bosman songs and Paul's singing one of the most important mergers of two major S.A. talents to have taken place in years. - omslag

Gereel en aangebied deur Flippie van Vuuren

Kristal Kandelaar / Marie 7" . ORS 652 1970 WORLD RECORD CO.
Kant Een:
1. Kristal Kandelaar (Harris Afr. Vertaling H. van Rensburg)
Kant Twee:
1. Marie (Kikillus) (Fr. ORC 6046 "Paul Robinson Sing Danie Bosman")


Little Pal LP ..................... ORC 6044 1970 WORLD RECORD CO.

Paul Robinson with Duffy Ravenscroft and his orchestra
The Street Singer LP .......... ORC 6030 WORLD RECORD CO.
Side One:
1. Ole Man River (Kern/Hammerstein)
2. Spanish Eyes (Kaemfert/Singleton)
3. Forgive Me (Ager/Yellen)
4. Sonny Boy (Brown/Da Sylva/Henderson/Jalson)
5. Medley: Marta (Gilbert/Simons); Harbour Lights (Kennedy/Williams); Rose Of San Antone (Wills) met Flippie van Vuuren
Side Two:
1. Giannina Mia (Harbach/Friml)
2. Blue Bird Of Happiness (Heyman/Harmati/Davis)
3. A Love Like Yours (Stone/Sorise/Turchin/Simon/Paul)
4. Broken-Hearted Clown (Holland)
5. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet (Woods/Kahn)

Paul Robinson was born at Thaba Nchu in the Orange Free State. As a young boy he moved with his family to Grahamstown and made his first broadcast from the SABC studios in that city at the age of nine 5 as a baritone! His amazing voice soon landed him contracts at the local cinemas and his big break came a few months later when he was invited to join a top-line international variety show headed by Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon. Paul toured all the major cities of South Africa and Rhodesia with these famous Hollywood artists. From the age of 14, when his family settled in Johannesburg, Paul was heard again in many stage presentations with Dean Herrick at the 20th Century Theatre and in Sunday night concerts with John Connell at the City Hall.
Paul Robinson adopted the stage as a fulI-time profession after leaving school and appeared at His Majesty's Theatre in the highly successful London-starred pantomime "Robinson Crusoe" and at the Standard Theatre in the Frank Rogalys revues "Ace High" and the"Crazy Show". Later Paul toured South Africa with his own act "The Hollywood Rogues". After these activities Paul Robinson turned his attention to dance music, joining the popular Hendrick Susan Band as featured vocalist and remaining with the group for eight years. He then opened his own "Werdaklub", both managing and leading his own specially-picked band.
In 1949 Paul made his hit-parade recording of "Blue Bird Of Happiness" one of the first South African discs to reach the "best seIler" bracket, and this song is one of the evergreen favourites you can hear on this LP. Several of the songs have a special significance for Paul - in particular "Sonny Boy" which is his first recording of a number which he has sung on stage for the past fifteen years, and "Old Man River" - a special favourite of Paul's which he has always dreamed of recording. Here are the songs and the singer - Paul Robinson, the "Street Singer" - presented for your enjoyment. - omslag

Remember (Onthou Jy Nog) LP . GALP 1025 GALLO
Side I:
1. Rose Of San Antonio (Wills)
2. Heimwee (M. van Aardt)
3. Was It Rain That Fell (Or Was It Tears)
4. Whistling Waltz; Memories (Kahn, van Alstyne); Springtime In The Rockies (Sauer)
5. Annakie (Jan Pohl); As Die Jakarandas Bloei (Jan Pohl)
6. Goodnight My Love (Gordon, Revel); Alone (Craft)
7. Laugh Clown Laugh (Lewis, Young)
Side Il:
1. Onthou Jy Nog Die Aand (M. van Aardt)
2. Harbour Lights (Williams, Kennedy)
3. Santa Lucia (Traditional)
4. Red Sails In The Sunset (Kennedy, Williams); Little Drummer Boy (Polosi, Noel)
5. Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk. (P.I. Hoogenhout)
6. Red River Valley (Traditional)
7. Pikaninie-Wieglied (W. Spriethoff)

Duffy Gee 'n Partytjie 10" ....... GLP 111 GALLO
- U word hartelik uitgenooi na 'n partytjie om lekker saam te sing en dans met -
- Duffy Ravenscroft En Sy Orkes En Koor Met Paul Robinson -
Kant Een:
1. Sarie Marais; Suikerbossie; Bokkie; Boegoeberg Se Dam; By Die Ou Meulstroom; Bootjie Na Kammaland; Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk; Kaapse Draai; Oom Bossie Van Die Bosveld; Hoe Ry Die Boere; Kaapse Draai; Daar's 'n Wind Wat Waai; Hand Vol Vere; Boerekos; Plaastoe
Kant Twee:
1. Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies; Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg; Daar Lê Die Ding; Daar's 'n Hoender; Perdeby; Ver Oor Die Diep Blou See; Brandewyn Laat My Staan; Boerenoointjie; Die Windmeul Draai; Daar Kom Die Wa; The Sheik Of Araby; Stoppie; Margie; Januarie, Februarie, Maart; Somebody Stole My Gal; Goodnight Angel; Marta; Goodnight Sweetheart

Sing And Dance with Duffy LP . LK 4187 DECCA
- Duffy Ravenscroft and his orchestra and chorus - featuring Paul Robinson
Kant Een:
1a. Sarie Marais (Trad.)
b. Suikerbossie (Trad.)
c. Bokkie (arr. H. van Loggerenberg)
d. Boegoeberg Se Dam (Trad.)
2a. If You Knew Susie (De Sylva)
b. Toot Toot Tootsie (Kahn, Erdman, Russo)
c. Alexander's Ragtime Band (lrving Berlin)
d. When You're Smiling (Goodman, Shay, Fisher)
3a. By Die Ou Meulstroom (Trad.)
b. Bootjie Na Kammaland (C.M. van Weber)
c. Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk (P.I. Hoogenhout)
4a. For Me And My Gal (Meyer, Leslie, Goetz)
b. Swanee River (Foster)
c. Moonlight And Roses (Black. Moret, Lemore)
d. My Blue Heaven (Whiting, Donaldson)
5a. Kaapse Draai (D. Bosman)
b. Oom Bossie Van Die Bosveld (D. Bosman)
c. Hoe Ry Die Boere (Trad.)
d. Kaapse Draai (D. Bosman)
6a. Cruising Down The River (Beadell, Tollerton)
b. Daisy Daisy (Ducar)
c. Que Sera Sera (Livingston, Evans)
d. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Ball, Graff Jr.)
7a. Daar's 'n Wind Wat Waai (Trad.)
b. Hand Vol Vere (Trad.)
c. Boerekos (Joan Retief)
d. Plaastoe (Joan Retief)
Kant Twee:
1a. Swanee (Gershwin, Caesar)
b. I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover (Woods, Dixon)
c. California Here I Come (Meyer, Jolson, De Sylva)
d. Chinatown My Chinatown (Schwartz, Jerome)
2a. Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies (Trad.)
b. Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg (Trad.)
c. Daar Lê Die Ding (Trad.)
d. Daar's 'n Hoender (Trad.)
e. Perdeby (Trad.)
3a. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Friedman, Whitson)
b. Always (lrving Berlin)
c. Ramona (Wayne, Gilbert)
d. Let The Rest Of The World (Ball, Brennan)
4a. Ver Oor Die Diep Blou See (Trad.)
b. Brandewyn Laat My Staan (Trad.)
c. Boerenooientjie
d. Die Windmeul Draai
5a. Side By Side (Woods)
b. You Made Me Love You (Monaco, McCarthy)
c. Lili Marlene (Leip, Schultze, David)
6a. Daar Kom Die Wa (Trad.)
b. The Sheik Of Araby (Snyder, Smith, Wheeler)
c. Stoppie (Trad.)
d. Margie (Conrad, Robinson, Davis)
e. Januarie, Februarie, Maart (Trad.)
f. Somebody Stole My Gal (Woods)
7a. Goodnight Angel (Wribel, Magidson)
b. Marta (Gilbert, Simons)
c. Goodnight Sweetheart (Biggs, Reid)

met Duffy Ravenscroft
Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg LP ................. GALA

The Street Singer
Sings Your Favourites LP ...................... MvN
Side One:
1. I Don't Believe In If Anymore
2. Spanish Eyes
3. Daddy's Little Girl
4. It's Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
5. Release Me
6. Return To Me
Side Two:
1. Durban Town
2. Broken Hearted Clown
3. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
4. With These Hands
5. Bluebird Of Happiness
6. Are You Lonesome Tonight

Amigo Se Ghitaar 7" EP ........ RVS 500 PRET
Kant Een:
1. Amigo Se Ghitaar (Amigo's Guitar) (Bodkin-Loudermilk-Wells)
2. Marie (T. Kikillus)
Kant Twee:
1. Hy Sal Moet Gaan (He'll Have To Go) (J. Allison-A. Allison)
2. Bokkie (A. de Waal)

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Afrikaanse Volksliedjies Vol. 3 kompilasie
Uit die Wakis kompilasie

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