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Orchestra Baobab
A Night At Club Baobab . SLCD 133 2007 SHEER
1. Jin Ma Jin Ma
2. Diarabi
3. Souleymane
4. Cabral
5. Saf Mana Dem
6. Kelen Ati Leen
7. Liti Liti
8. Seeri Koko
10. Fuutu Toro
11. On Verra
12. Sey
13. Yolanda

Baobab exploded onto the Dakar scene in 1970 and immediately became the top local band, famous for their sublime and sophisticated arrangements, lyrical vocals and dazzling guitar solos. For a decade they reigned supreme, recruiting some of the finest musicians from around the country, especially the south - as well as from further afield in West Africa, making them one of Senegal's most cosmopolitan and versatile bands.They are renowned as one of Africa's finest ensembles. Formed to "lively up' the prestigious Club Baobab in Dakar, the group went on to become a creative powerhouse mixing Cuban rumba, US soul and southern Senegalese traditions of melodic drumming from the Casamance region. Now this recording from their early days reminds us just how progressive Orchestra Baobab always were.

African Classics ............. SLCD 114 2006 SHEER

Made In Dakar ....................... WCD 078
1. Pape Ndiaye
2. Nijaay
3. Beni Baraale
4. Ami Kita Bay
5. Cabral
6. Sibam
7. Aline
8. Ndeleng Ndeleng
9. Jirim
10. Bikowa
11. Colette

The legendary Orchestra Baobab from Senegal return with their first new album in five years. Five years on from the GRAMMY nominated "Specialist in All Styles', Orchestra Baobab return with "Made in Dakar', celebrating their roots in one of the world's most explosive musical cities. Already being hailed as the best album of their 40 year career, the band have distilled to perfection their warm, lilting and fabulously melodic sound.
Having played extensively around the world, the band have now immersed themselves into the Dakar club scene, back where it at all began. Orchestra Baobab are Africa's soul survivors, an iconic band who have come through nearly four decades together with their classic 1970s line-up largely intact. The album features the hypnotic melodies of virtuoso guitarist Barthélemy Attisso, Issa Cissoko's distinctive tenor saxophone, and the voices of six lead singers, and includes a guest appearance by Youssou N'Dour.
Beautifully recorded in Dakar's Xippi studios, "Made in Dakar' builds on Baobab's renewed success in the city. After 20 years away from the club scene they now have a huge following at their Saturday night residency at the Just 4 U club. Combining the gritty lo-fi feel of their early repertoire with dynamic new arrangements, this is an album that could only have been Made in Dakar.

Specialist In All Styles .............. WCD 064
1. Bul A Min
2. Sutukun
3. Dee Moo Woor
4. Jiin Ma Jiin Ma
5. Ndongoy Daara
6. On Veera Ca
7. Hommage A Tonton Ferrer
8. El Son Te Llama
9. Gnawoe

Pirate's Choice ......................... WCD 063

Bamba .................................... STCD 3003
1. Mouhamadou Bamba
2. Boulmamine
3. Ndiawolou
4. Doomo Baaye
5. Gnawou
6. Bon Bon I
7. Autorail
8. Sou Dedhiou
9. Ndiambaane
10. Sibou Odia

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