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No Loitering......................................... 2000 TEQUILA
1. Whito Kwaito
2. Brown People
3. I Love The Rain In The Morning
4. Oomdanso
5. Waai Die Draai

kry al die by of

Beats and Peaces ......... TQCD212 1996 TEQUILA
1. Happiness (is A State Of Mind)
2. Anoma
3. Peace Train - MP3 >>>
4. Kalaang
5. Soul Brother
6. Didiman
7. Senor
8. Amabulu
9. Serious Music
10. Righto Maty
11. System Error

some music is screaming to be recorded & other music should never see the light of day. oom music is one or the other, only certifiably intellectually challenged will be able to make the distinction. suffice that the music would neverhave made it to the cutting plant without the help of the following people: joel klein whose quitar you can hear on happiness: musa *** lo who sings on peace train, happiness and senor: and jonathan gunn of karoo who plays organ for the didiman m. most importantly this music should never have been born without the late alf mofokeng whose brilliant voice you hear on soul brother and anoma. alf my mate, you were the best i knew and if i could stop you going i would have. to this day i think i should" have done more but in hindsight all our decisions are open to questions. i hope that with this small contribution the world will know what they lost when you went. from beats and peaces cd sleeve.

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