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One Day Remains
Saints And Sinners 2CD . MUZCD 006 2012 MONSTER MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Feeling The Moment
2. Its In The Way
3. Come Back Round
4. Where Do We Go
5. Live The Life
6. Going Nowhere Slowly
7. Just Take What You Need
8. Unaccounted For
9. Hurt
10. Can't Rain All The Time
11. Where To Begin
12. Jam With My Father
13. It All Comes Down To You
14. How Does It Feel
15. Lies
Disk 2:
1. Pray On The Weak
2. Down and Inor
3. Heroes Need Heroes
4. Blame
5. I Won't Let You Down
6. Reckoning Day
7. Save Me Now
8. It's Not Over
9. I Will Be Waitin
10. Give It All Away
11. Great Divide
12. You Will Never Know
13. Saints & Sinners
14. Lovers' Serenade

Saints and Sinners is the latest release from popular SA rock & metal outfit ONE DAY REMAINS! The album was released a year after the near fatal hi-jacking of ODR-frontman Michael Naranjo and has had a profound effect on their music, as fans will discover.
'The hijacking woke me up to how precious life is,' he explains. 'It was a turning point in my life it made me realize that there really is a bigger purpose.'

Sins, Convictions & Confessions . DGR 1726 2008 DAVID GRESHAM
1. Closure
2. Overdrive
3. Broken Years
4. The Need
5. Say To Me
6. What Have I Become?
7. Because Of You
8. Learn To Live Again
9. Never Say Die
10. With You
11. How Long
12. Break The Silence
13. Gone Away

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