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Nibs van der Spuy (Landscape Prayers)
Natalia ................................................

Crossing Borders, Driving North 2CD . SLCD 269 2013 SHEER
- Anthology (1998-2010) of acclaimed South African troubadour, featuring:
- Counting Stars, Beautiful Feet and Cry For You
- Includes bonus disc: "Catching Trains" - Nibs solo live through Europe
Disk 1:
1. Anna Rosa
2. Counting Stars
3. A House Across The River
4. Beautiful Feet
5. Lines On My Face
6. Felix
7. Gita
8. Topper
9. Once I Climbed A Lion Mountain
10. Lebombo Mountain Drive
11. Dreams Of Believers
12. Tibouchina
13. Cry For You
14. Brunette On A Bicycle
15. May You Shine
16. Wind Of Goodbye
Disk 2:
1. Flower In The Rain
2. Felix
3. Angel In The Clouds
4. Song To The Siren
5. Hiding In The Sugarcane
6. Little Martha
7. Homeward Bound
8. Beautiful Feet
9. Nibs Talks To Prisoners
10. A House Across The River
11. Anna Rosa
12. Counting Stars
13. Shaded In Blue
14. Tramp On The Street
15. Jukskei
16. Melissa
17. Cry For You

met Guy Buttery
In The Shade Of The Wild Fig . SLCD 256 2012 SHEER
1. I Know This Place
2. Trambicosa
3. Up To My Neck In You
4. Guru
5. Beneath An Evening Sky
6. Lebombo Mountain Drive
7. The Upper Reaches
8. Little Gujarat
9. Beautiful Feet
10. Pai

Morning Star ................... SSCD 529 2011 SHEER
1. Morning Star
2. You Never Said Goodbye
3. Clementine
4. Guru
5. Pauline Bordeaux
6. If I Told You Something
7. Sailing On Words
8. Come Home Again
9. Beyond The Blue
10. Once I Climbed A Lion Mountain
11. A House Across The River

Live At The Vagabond Café DVD . SSDVD 518 2010 SHEER
1. Hiding In The Sugar Cane
2. Lines On My Face / Shepherd Song
3. Zeerust To Zion
4. Felix
5. Little Martha
6. Homeward Bound
7. Flower In The Rain
8. Trambicosa
9. You Never Were Alone
10. Tramp On The Street
11. Shaded In Blue
12. Angel In The Clouds
13. Mountain Wind
14. Anna Rosa
15. Counting Stars
16. Brunette On A Bicycle
17. Beautiful Feet
18. Under A Tongaat Moon / Dreams Of Believers
19. Jukskei
20. Cry For You

A House Across The River . SSCD 525 2010 SHEER
1. A House Across The River
2. Once I Climbed A Lion Mountain
3. Trambicosa
4. My Little Singing Bird
5. Nieu Bethesda
6. Homeward Bound
7. Little Martha
8. Topper
9. Cripples Cry
10. Written On A Star
11. Apple Tree Wick

The follow up album to Nibs van der Spuy's internationally critically acclaimed A Bird In The Hand (2008) and Beautiful Feet (2006). On this outing Van der Spuy experiments with new sounds and jams with a group of talented, yet-to-be-unventured by Van der Spuy, musicians as well as some old friends including Piers Faccini, Guy Buttery and Farryl Purkiss.
On this record Van der Spuy takes his sound to a new level experimenting with the sounds of cuatro and electric guitar (surprisingly for the first time). The result is a strong album from a man who is constantly growing as an artist. The album also includes honest interpretations of the Allman Brothers "Little Martha" and the rare unreleased Tim Buckley track "Cripples Cry".

It would be modest to say that Nibs van der Spuy is an unsung hero and an acoustic guitar legend of Southern Africa. Nibs van der Spuy's spellbinding acoustic guitar style was first taken notice of with his band Landscape Prayers between 1993 - 2003. His diversity as a songwriter, singer and finger stylist, reached a broader audience with the release of his solo albums; 'Lines on my face' (1999) and 'Flower in the rain' (2002). Both these acoustic gems were nominated in the best instrumental category at the South African Music Awards. A Bird in the Hand (2008) followed his internationally critically acclaimed, Beautiful Feet (2006).
Van der Spuy was once described by Johana Seban, of Les Inrocks (FRANCE), as having the soft disturbing ghost of Nick Drake in his guitar playing, melodies and especially voice tone. Van der Spuy's music is a unique hybrid of folk, baroque, Indian and world music.

A Bird In The Hand ......... SSCD 522 2009 SHEER
1. You Never Were Alone
2. Counting Stars
3. Brunette On A Bicycle
4. Shaded In Blue
5. May You Shine
6. Tibouchina
7. Cry For You
8. With Every Step
9. Searching For A Rainbow
10. Flower In The Rain
11. Under A Tongaat Moon

Beautiful Feet ................. SSCD 506 2006 SHEER
1. Mountain Wind
2. Jukskei
3. Thorntree
4. Beautiful Feet
5. Lebombo Mountain Drive
6. Dreams Of Believers
7. Gito
8. Hiding In The Sugar Cane
9. Wind Of Goodbye
10. Nao Faz Mal
11. Anna Rosa
12. Felix
13. Sad Melody
14. Its Been A Sad Day
15. Road

Beautiful Feet . GHR 004/SSCD 506 2005 GREENHOUSE/SHEER
1. Beautiful Feet
2. Hearts Desire
3. Lebombo Mountain Drive
4. Anoushka
5. Dreams Of Believers
6. Gito
7. Sad Melody
8. Hiding In The Sugar Cane
9. Tholokele
10. Wind Of Goodbye
11. Uneiza
12. First Thought Of The Day
13. Zeerust To Zion
14. Nao Faz Mal met Dua

met Nibs van der Spuy, Guy Buttery, Barry van Zyl, Brendan Jury, Dua, Brent Quinton, Neil Gonzalves

met Gito Baloi
Sweet-Thorn .................... GHR 001 2004 GREENHOUSE
1. Todos
2. Salaam
3. Mountain Wind
4. Sweet-Thorn
5. Lunga
6. Mosaic
7. Flor a Chuva
8. Iklanganile i Afrika
8. Um lugar ao sol
10. Skeleton coast
11. Canarias
12. Lamp on a stand

met Gito Baloi, Nibs van der Spuy, Chris Tokalon, Kyla Rose-smith

Flower In The Rain ........ SLCD 029 2002 SHEER
1. Flower In The Rain
2. Shepherd Song
3. Thorntree
4. Lamp On A Stand
5. Prayer For Winter
6. Falling Down Again
7. Holy
8. Jan Pampoen
9. Charlotte September
10. Waiting For Someone
11. Diezel Sickness
12. May You Sunshine
13. Give Your Heart Away
14. Meditation
15. Prelude In C

Lines On My Face ........... WILD019 1999 WILDEBEEST
1. Juanita
2. Lines on My Face
3. Chevin Grange
4. Girl Behind The Mist
5. Angel In The Clouds
6. Autumn Light
7. Mine Dump Surfing
8. River Angel
9. Little Martha
10. Modoc
11. Mountain Wind
12. Road
13. Bells Of Saint Elizabeth
14. Skeleton Coast
15. Si Beag Si Mor
16. Lines On My Face (Bonus Track - Solo Version)
17. The Digger (BONUS)

skakels :

2014 04 27 - Park Acoustics in association with Jack Daniel's: Jack Daniel's Music Stage: Gerald Clark, Plush, Radio Kalahari Orkes, Guy Buttery & Nibs van der Spuy, Albert Frost, DJ Michael Lesar, Comedy with Dusty Rich, Isaac Gampu & Loyiso Madinga, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 11:00, R100, R120, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Brent Black - GAP

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