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Baklei Vir My ..................... DGR 1738 2009 DAVID GRESHAM
1. Ek Haat...
2. Stand Up
3. Ek Dare Jou - VID by youtube
4. Like This
5. Baklei Vir My
6. Naked With You
7. Bring My Terug
8. Kom Terug
9. Onthou My
10. So Oor Jou met Arno Jordaan
11. Stalker
12. Born To Be Your Baby
13. 24/7
14. Onbeskryflik
15. Shook Me All Night Long

Ek Dare Jou is the first single from Nelda's debut album Baklei Vir My. But she is no stranger to the limelight. After studding acting and singing at St. Anna Orange County High school of the Arts in Los Angeles and completing het tertiary education at AFDA (film school) she entered Idols. Nelda came third, after Dewald Louw and Willem Botha.

Nelda started singing at a very young age and she hasn't stopped since… She keeps busy with corporate events, festivals and shows at barnyard theatres countrywide.

The David Gresham Record Company discovered Nelda performing at a big corporate event. She had no record deal, but she had a big passion for performing and an even bigger voice.

Her album consists of pop-rock and ballad songs, some of which she wrote and others, we sourced from top writers all over the world. Her first single is "Ek Dare Jou".

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