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Natalie Chapman
Truth Sessions .................................. 2012
1. Shaken
2. Devil At the Crossroads
3. Down This Road
4. She Should Know
5. Snowflake
6. Off My List
7. Desire
8. Brother
9. This Time
10. Dead Eyes
11. Holding On

Between The Lines .......... STIDCD 105 STING MUSIEK
1. Are You Coming Home?
2. Between The Lines
3. For A Moment
4. Nobody's Fault But Mine
5. The Other Side
6. Living And Loving
7. I Dreamed Of You Last Night
8. Eshwin's Song
9. With You And Me
10. A New Life

Most people will already be familiar with the talented Natalie Chapman - her hit debut single, Are You Coming Home, soared up the charts around the country.
Natalie's 10-track debut album is all original work and showcases Natalie's signature sound - a soulful flair on adult contemporary music!
Natalie has been singing since she was a little girl. She has also worked on independent short films and documentaries and tried her luck in Idols and Project Fame, where she reached the Top 60 and Top 26 respectively.
The 10 track album showcases all original material. Natalie has created her own signature sound - a soulful flair on adult contemporary music!
She has a stunning voice and an incredible range, and her songwriting ability is out of the top drawer. She writes about her life experiences and she comes across as very sincere and passionate.
With a voice that is easily the equal of LeAnn Rimes and a formidable songwriting gift to boot, she deserves and should achieve the mainstream success she desires. Are You Coming Home, the first single off the album, is particularly impressive.
This is the debut album of yet another local lass with writing talent and the voice of an Angel. No matter what mood you are in, every one of your personalities will thoroughly enjoy this CD. Very easy listening indeed!

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2013 05 18 - Voodoo Beach - Road To STRAB Party, Black Cat Bones (CD Launch "Beatpillar"), Bittereinder, Gerald Clark, Raoul and Black Friday, Natalie Chapman, Tombstone Pete, Stefan Dixon, Luna Paige, Arcade Empire, 15:00 - Arcade Empire - Carling Black Label - STRAB


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