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Musa Manzini
The Dream ................... CDRBL 751 2014 UNIVERSAL

The Best Of Musa Manzini . SLCD 185 SHEER
1. Renaissance Song
2. All This Love
3. Beauty Of Your Smile
4. Sebenza Ukuzekungen' Imali
5. Goree
6. Enanda
7. Just Like Cape Town
8. Noluthando
9. Talk To Me
10. Blue Bass
11. Lonely House
12. Esikhawini
13. Never Let Me Go

Simply Life ........................ SLCD 116 2006 SHEER
1. Esikhawini
2. Ndifun' Imali
3. Fly Like A Bird
4. Cruising To Gabs
5. Step Away
6. Amadzana
7. Never Let Me Go
8. Afro Slap I
9. Afro Slap II
10. Ezintabeni
11. Ngicel' Uthando
12. Whatever

Bass and SA music maestro's fourth solo album (after New Reflections, Tributes & Memories, and last year's My Bass, which spurned two top radio hits). This new album sees a more mature Musa, and a mellower vibe, and is aptly titled Simply Life after his brain tumor operation last year. He has set his sights on working this new album, putting aside his tv work and other commitments, and delivers a fresh and exciting new release, with Jaco Maria, Khanyo Maphumulo and Khanya Ceza contributing to the vocal tracks, as well as guests Tlale Makhene on percussion, Lawrence Matshiza on guitar, and Marcus Wyatt on trumpet, and some poignant instrumentals. Musa is undoubtedly a rare gem of the 2000s.
Not only a bass player of extraordinary brilliance, but a prolific composer, arranger and producer. He is one of an exceptionally few bass players in the world to use the instrument as a lead instrument, joining amongst the notables, John Pattutici, Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller, and the late great Sipho Gumede.

My Bass ................................ SLCD 091 SHEER
1. Just Like Cape Town
2. Noluthando
3. Tembani
4. Talk To Me
5. Blue Bass
6. Bass Funtasie
7. Eyabahlonishwa
8. African Union
9. Intro - Lonely House
10. Lonely House
11. Bass Talk
12. Latin Love
13. He's The Greatest
14. Sebenza Always (Qukula Zasha)
15. Power Of Love

Tributes & Memories . CDGURB 043 2003 GALLO
1. Highway Bound
2. Praia Do Bilene
3. Sebenza Ukuze Kungen' Imali
4. La Malinga
5. Goree
6. The Power Of Love
7. Bass Delight
8. Inanda
9. My Little Yusufi
10. So Fine
11. Fatima's Theme (Part One)
12. Fatima's Theme (Part Two)

New Reflections ............. CDSTEP 101 GIANT STEPS
1. Renaissance Song
2. All This Love
3. Blu-Z-On
4. Yekan' Udlame
5. My Hidi
6. Tones Of Enlightenment
7. Makhobane
8. Four
9. Sweet South Stuff
10. Vine Road
11. Quiero Ser Feliz
12. Beauty Of Your Smile

An album that will appeal to a broad cross-section of listeners. Musa Manzini plays either six-string bass or double bass (or both) - blending fresh harmonic textures with diverse rhythms, from African funk to Latin.

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