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this is where the money went ......... 2009
1. Murder
2. I made this bed, but you can lie in it
3. I really did
4. She's not there
5. End of the world
6. Highway
7. Trees
8. Let me Go
9. Happy Together
10. Rockstar Etc.
11. Mine all Mine

Munkinpure's second album, "this is where the money went", shows an older, more mature side of songwriting from singer "Travis Marc". The album was done over a period of three months and recorded by top South African producers, JP de Stefani (Van Coke Kartel, Just Jinjer), and Jon Buckley (Jo Day and the New Academics). The album also features some surprises, including the bands version of an American song called "trees" originally recorded by Marty Casey of the LA Guns.

For lack of a better word .................. 2008 INNER FLAME RECORDS
1. Every good end makes a start
2. She'll see you linger when the lights turn low
3. Clap your hands
4. People Person
5. Beautiful Day
6. A little persistence please
7. Every good start makes an end
8. Stick around here
9. TV Credits
10. I won't be your valentine

Munkinpure ........................................ 2007
1. Beautiful Day
2. The End Of The World
3. Breathe
4. Her Vanished Smile
5. Just for You
6. Leave Me ALone
7. Lower Act One
8. Half Empty
9. Believe Me

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2007 05 19 - "The Soup Kitchen" Charity Rock Festival: In aid of the Friends of Rescued Animals Organisation: Agro, Chromium, Insek, Inersha, Knave, Torment, Far Beyond Driven, Chokehold, Warthane, Munkinpure, Namuh, R40 - Marshall - Music Maker - Freed City - - Tom-X

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