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Moses Taiwa Molelekwa (1973-2001)
African Jazz Classics ... SLCD 183 2009 SHEER
1. Nomkhosi
2. Genes And Spirits
3. Ntate Moholo (Grandfather)
4. Spirits Of Tembisa
5. Mountain Shade
6. Itumeleng
7. Capitalismo met Burungwa: Shaluza Max Mntambo, Chris Bowden & Andrew Missingham
8. Down Rockey Street
9. Dance To Africa ("Jazzin' Universally" met José Neto & Byron Wallen)
10. Rapela met Brice Wassy
11. Biko's Dream [Live @ Fin de Si?cle Festival, Nantes 1997]
12. Bo Molelekwa

Darkness Pass 2CD ..... MZA 009/2 2004 M.E.L.T.
Disk 1: vetseun
1. Darkness Pass 1
2. Darkness Pass 2
3. Darkness Pass 3
4. Darkness Pass 4
5. Darkness Pass 5
Disk 2:
6. Darkness Pass 6
7. Darkness Pass 7
8. Darkness Pass 8
9. Darkness Pass 9
10. Darkness Pass 10

Wa Mpona .................... BWSA 2281 2000 M.E.L.T.
1. Ntate Moholovetseun
2. Sing Along
3. Siya Modumisa
4. Spirit Of Tembisa (Mama City Remix)
5. Mountin Shade
6. Bomolelekwa (Live)
7. Nobohle (Live)
8. Wa Mpona (I can see you)
9. Spirits Of Tembisa (Deep Spce Breeze Remix)
10. Genes And Spirits
11. Ntate Moholo (Live)

A moving document of Molelekwa's artistic progress, Wa Mpona includes two live tracks recorded in 1994 at a rare session at Cape Town's Baxter Theatre, where he worked with international musicians like Airto Moreira, Byron Walen and Andrew Missingham for the first time. His genius as a jazz improviser shines through the album's closing track, a live version of "Ntate Moholo", of Genes and Spirits fame, performed at the North Sea jazz festival in the Hague with his youthful band, including Moses Khumalo.
The title track "Wa Mpono", has been described as the granddaddy of progressive kwaito. Produced during the recording of his seminal second album, Genes and Spirits, this entirely new composition was considered too advanced and too remote from mainstream jazz tastes to be included on that album. It features the additional rarety of Molelekwa on lead vocal, backed by Lungiswa Plaatjies.
Several of the other compositions on Wa Mpona will be familiar to those who know Genes and Spirits and the other album released during Molelekwa's lifetime, Finding One Self. But, with one exception, they appear in new guises. The cool keyboard and programmed drumming of "Spirits of Tembisa" surfaces, transformed, in a remix by Ashley Beadle, and the other one a tasteful arrangement with additional saxophone parts by Cape Town based Buddy Wells (Tribe). The latino rhythms of "Ntate Mohole" are amplified by the addition of congas and timbales to the piano support of Chucho Valdez. "Sing Along", previously released only on the limited South African edition of Barungwa's album, The Messengers, will be fresh to all but a tiny band of Molelekwa aficionados.
The fact that Molelekwa's voice and fingers have been stilled forever gives special poignancy to these performances. The quality of the musicial inspiration, and the sense of so much promise waiting to be tapped, underline how much has been lost to South African music. . Perhaps more than any other South African musician of the modern period, Molelekwa looked back into the country's past while pointing to its future.

Live In Jo-burg 1998 .............. MZA 027 M.E.L.T.

Live At The Fin De Siecle Festival, Nantes 1997 . MZA 005 M.E.L.T.
1. Biko's dreamvetseun
2. Matswale
3. Mountain shade
4. Dance to Africa
5. Ntatemoholo
6. Spirits of Thembisa

1997's gathering of some 380 artists from South Africa on the shores of the Atlantic in the west of France must be earmarked as the most impressive show of our country's culture beyond our borders. The festival began in October 1997, with a celebration of Johannesburg, representing Africa, continent of roots.
Several of the musicians like the late Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, Busi Mhlongo, Madala Kunene, Pops Mohamed and Amampondo that were invited to perform at Nantes were associated with M.E.L.T.. The M.E.L.T. crew recorded and filmed all the shows for future release starting the series with this unique recording of the late Moses Taiwa Molelekwa.
Moses Molelekwa arrived fresh from the studio in Johannesburg where he put the finishing touches on his CD Genes & Spirits. Moses played in different formations: with Zolani Mkiva, with Sibongile Khumalo both in Paris and Nantes and with his band at La Tour a Plomb. Moses was accompanied by Khaya Mahlangu on sax and flute, Sello Montwedi on drums and Fana Zulu on bass.

Genes & Spirits ................... BWSA 079 M.E.L.T.
1. Tsala
2. Spirits Of Tembisa
3. Down Rockey Street
4. Itumeleng
5. Sogra (Mmatswale / Mamazala)
6. Genes And Spirits
7. Kwaze Kwangcono
8. Rapela
9. Dance To Africa
10. Ntatemoholo

The second solo album from one of the world's most gifted young pianists, the late Moses Taiwa Molelekwa. This is an audio CD that also contains video clips and information about Moses which is read from the CD-Rom drive of a home computer.

Finding One's Self ............... BW 053 1994 M.E.L.T.
1. Nomkhosi
2. Finding one's self
3. Nobohle
4. Melancholy thoughts
5. Kwalo
6. Mountain shade
7. Ntate Moholo (Grandfather)
8. Marabi A Aremongolo
9. Bo Molelekwa

Moses Taiwa Molelekwa's debut album is in part a tribute to the late pianist's grandfather, who greatly inspired Moses when he first studied the instrument. Recorded in May, 1994, during the run up to free elections in South Africa, this album has all the optimism of a new dawn, yet has roots deep enough to reflect the underlying sadness still felt in that country.

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