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2021 02 28 - Mind Assault "The Cult Of Conflict" CD LAUNCH

vetseunLAAI AF
The Cult Of Conflict (Deluxe) 2CD . 2021
Disk 1: The Cult Of Conflict
Disk 2: The Cult Of Conflict (Instrumental)

vetseunLAAI AF
Mag Verkrag CDS ............................. 2021

2021 02 28 - Mind Assault "The Cult Of Conflict" CD LAUNCH
vetseunLAAI AF
The Cult Of Conflict .......................... 2021
1. Descension
2. New World Disorder
3. Mag Verkrag
4. Burn Down The Nation
5. The True Force
6. Wraak
7. Prys Die Vaderland
8. Corroded World
9. The Cult Of Conflict
10. Ghost Ship
11. Nightmare
12. Annihilation Of Man

Mind Assault - Wraak VID >>> (2021)
- VIDEO VAN DIE DAG 2021/02/26

vetseunLAAI AF
Mag Verkrag CDS ............................. 2014

Mind Assault decided in late 2013, after two years of attempting to raise funds for an album, to rather continue releasing self-produced demos of songs until further notice. This track is a part of that collection.
'Mag Verkrag' is another song written in South Africa's native Afrikaans, and translates directly into 'Power Rape' ~ although the meaning may be better interpreted in context across the languages as 'a grievous personal violation perpetrated by those entrusted with power'. It refers specifically to the current situation in our beautiful homeland, South Africa, at the time of the songs writing where key figures in the nations leadership are displaying signs of corruption; and pursuing new as well as 'Apartheid era' legislation which will allow state control over all information pertaining to such acts, and effectively, dismissing their accountability. Subjects such as "The Secrecy Bill" or "National Keypoint Act" have direct significance to the lyrical content of this song, as well as the events widely publicized around Nkandla. - bandcamp

vetseunLAAI AF
Annihilation Of Man CDS ................. 2014

Annihilation Of Man refers to the current state of humanity, where in some ways it seems that the best solution might be to "reset to default". The reason for such an attitude can be attributed to how this civilization keeps building upon new laws, new systems, new corruptions, and just keeps going up and up. The house of cards can only keep rising for so long before it faces complete collapse. Perhaps a divine intervention is our only salvation from an even worse fate? - bandcamp

vetseunLAAI AF
Tiete CDS .......................................... 2013

Mind Assault has a small collection of songs which, although they go down a storm live on stage, will never be used on an album. 'Tiete' is one such song. The lyrics are in our local South African langauge of Afrikaans (similar to Dutch), and the translation is 'Tits' - something which we men are always intrigued by, amused by, and often enough even mezmorized by. Who knows? We can't explain it either! But why waste time trying to explain when you can just sing about this amazing feature of the beautiful female anatomy \m/ - bandcamp

Metal Rites ......................................... 2011
1. Retaliate
2. Die Rejected
3. Dark Continent
4. Vrede deur Bloed
5. Volkmoord
6. Metal Rites

vetseunLAAI AF
Stigma ................................... MA101 2008
1. My Donker - MP3 by mynoise
2. Innocent Blood
3. Paint My Mind Black
4. Hoekom?
5. Prison Of Flesh
6. Suffer
7. Rise Once Again
8. Veroordeel
9. Stadig Verblind
10. We Will Prevail
11. Revenge
12. Time Does Not Heal

Fok voort en suip baie DVD 115 min . 2007 R60
1. Veroordeel
2. Innocent Blood
3. Suffer
4. Paint My Mind Black
5. My Donker
6. Rise Once Again
7. Hoekom?
8. This Is The End

RAMFEST 2007 LIVE, the last two years with Mind Assault

Social Engineering EP ..................... 2005
1. Magteloos
2. Destruction
3. Stand Your Ground
4. Jy Is Die Een
5. This Is The End

Destruction - MP3 by myspace, download
Feel The Fire LIVE - MP3 by download
Jy Is Die Een - MP3 by myspace, tuisblad
Magteloos - MP3 by tuisblad, zazone, myspace, download
This is the end - MP3 by myspace
Veroordeeld LIVE- MP3 by download, tuisblad

is Willie Botha, Handri de Villiers, Danie de Villiers, Lourens de Villiers, Danie Botha

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Fear the Noise Vol. 1 kompilasie - Magteloos


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