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Melody 4
Ten Volle Betaal ........... MARD 453 2009 MARANATHA/EMI
1. Ja Ek Weet
2. Ten Volle Betaal
3. Als Wat Ek Is
4. Woning Daar Bo
5. God Sal Jou Trou Behoed
6. Voel Jy Soms Of Die Here Te Ver Is
7. Blye Versekering
8. Ek Weet Wie Hou Die Toekoms
9. Soos 'n Man Van Die Woord
10. U Is Waardig
11. Jesus Min My
12. Moet Ek Gaan Met Leë Hande?
13. Seënbede
14. Dit Is Wel Met My Siel
15. Garden Of Eden Zoo

Ten Volle Betaal ............................... 2009 EMI
1. Woning Daarbo
2. Jesus Min My
3. God Sal Jou Trou Behoed
4. Seënbede
5. Dit Is Wel Met My Siel
6. Ja Ek Weet
7. Ten Volle Betaal
8. Al Wat Ek Is
9. Soos 'n Man Van Die Woord
10. Moet Ek Gaan Met Leë Hande?
11. Voel Jy Soms Of Die Here Te Vêr Is?
12. U Is Waardig; Blye Versekering
13. I Know What Holds Tomorrow (BONUS)

I Found Grace ................ KOSD 013 2007 KOSMOS
1. One Fine Day
2. I Know What Lies Ahead
3. Room At The Cross
4. I Found Grace
5. Jesus Saves
6. Stand By Me
7. I Stand Redeemed
8. He Touched Me
9. If We Ever Needed The Lord
10. More About Jesus
11. Joy
12. I Want To Draw Nearer

We Believe ....................... CDBRT158 BRETTIAN
1. All That I Am
2. When We All Get Together With The Lord
3. We Believe
4. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
5. I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary
6. Look For Me (Around The Throne)
7. The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
8. In That Great Gettin' Up Morning
9. I Bowed On My Knees And Cried 'Holy'
10. Count On Me
11. Stepping On The Clouds
12. Farther Along

In its fourth gospel production, 'Melody 4' has chosen to sing a number of well-known favourites with inspiring words and beautiful melodies. However, it is not by chance, but by divine inspiration, that five of the songs on this album have as their theme the second coming of Jesus and heaven. 'Melody 4' firmly believes the second coming of Jesus is imminent and, via their music ministry, 'Melody 4' hopes to help and prepare people to get ready to meet their Lord.

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