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Mr. Devious 'My life' .com

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4 Wall Films & Rainbow Circle Films proudly present
When Mario "Mr. Devious" van Rooy, a fiery hip-hop mc from Beacon Valley, Mitchell's Plain, is killed in the prime of his life, it seems all hope is lost. But out of the darkness a strong voice emerges, as Natalie, his wife, and mother of their three children picks up his spear, and makes meaning of his legacy.

DVD / CD launch
Sunday, 1 April 2007, Zula's Bar, 60 Long Street Cape Town at 19:30.
The Mr. Devious, My Life DVD & CD Combo will be for sale at R150.00
Special launch price of R130 00 including cover charge.


The film producers would like to invite media representatives to exclusive screenings of the film "Mr. Devious - my life" for the purposes of reviewing one of the most anticipated independent documentary films and music cd's of the year from the Western Cape, South Africa.
The preview screenings will take place at the film studios in Elsies River, with a view to having reviews of the film published in the Sunday papers and the Monday edition of newspapers to publicize the screening on Sunday, 1 April 2007, and for additional reviews post release.
The filmmakers and Natalie van Rooy are available for press interviews prior and after the release of the film. To contact the production office: Tel: 021-9331514 or Cell: 0823553645 to make arrangements.

About the film
Mario "Mr. Devious" van Rooy, an enigmatic hip-hop mc, is stabbed to death in his neighbourhood of Beacon Valley, Mitchell's Plain, leaving a deafening silence. Filmmaker, John Fredericks struggles to make sense of his close friend's untimely passing. Honouring a pledge, John comforts Devious' wife, Natalie, who is left to fend for her three kids.
As Devious in his own words, takes us into his life, Natalie and John discover the legacy of a fiery street poet. Natalie takes charge of her life as she boldly picks up the mic & music of her late husband.

"Mr. Devious - my life" is the uplifting story of a talented son of Mitchell's Plain, South Africa, Mario van Rooy a.k.a "Mr. Devious", who used his gift for music to inspire young people to rise above the stigma of poverty & gangsterism.
Mr. Devious, an up and coming young South African hip-hop emcee tells his own story in this documentary film about his life. We track the journey from his humble beginnings as a kid in the Cape Flats to his rise to fame as a musician and hip hop artist, and later as he grows into the roles of dedicated father of two daughters, and educator and facilitator of youth at risk.
" My parents did not want to raise a gangster so we moved here to Mitchell's Plain which was a suburb at that time, " Devious' voice enlightens the viewer over footage of Beacon Valley.
Monotonous rows of drab houses straddle the streets. Washing flutter in the breeze between the graffiti scrawled blocks of flats. Poverty and unemployment is rife and is evident by the scores of young people hanging around street corners as Devious continues his narration of the dynamics of the area. We capture the eerie stillness and underlying evil as the locals stare at the camera in avarice.
Ready D, Shamiema from Godessa and Shahien from Prophets Of The City, share their insight as the talent of Mr. Devious rises to the attention of the music industry.
Mr. Devious relates to us how he was offered a record deal if he in exchange would leave his wife and daughter behind. Realizing the record executives wanted to play God with his life he refuses to compromise and returns home, hooks up with his buddies and they record their own albums.
Reaching out to the youth and the community, inspiring them to take charge of their lives. Fiery and passionate he takes on the role of the spokesperson of his people. His lyrics are about every kind of injustices that his people have to endure, from aids, drugs, gangs, violence, social and juvenile justice. Mr. Devious makes his voice heard, and becomes the Che Guevara of the Cape Flats who believed in Justice for all.

" Look at it now, you can't get away from it and you ask yourself why a ghetto. Things are much deeper than you think".

On the 23rd of January 2004, Mario died violently at the hands of a small group of gang members, the very same kind of youth that he dedicated his life's work to. In the end he died with colours flying as he made the ultimate sacrifice defending his dad who was being stabbed and robbed, leaving behind his wife Natalie, his two young daughters and an unborn child.
When Mario is killed it seems all hope is lost, but out of the darkness a strong voice emerges, as Natalie van Rooy, his wife and mother of his children picks up his spear, and makes meaning of his legacy.

The story behind the film:
Mr. Devious is a definitive work of art for John Fredericks, writer and filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa.
Not only did the filmmaker and his main character have a deep bond as artists and co-workers, an unlikely friendship developed between a young rising hip hop mc (26 years) and an old writer (60 years).
Mario's death was a huge blow to John, but in the mourning and healing process, a strong film idea emerged that went beyond a "tribute" and has ventured into the realm of hard-core documentary where the edge is true life in all its complexities reflected in the story. This is not anymore a film about mourning, about tribute or about hip-hop. It is a story of a remarkable young man and his people, and sends a strong message of social awareness in the engaging lyrics and electric on-stage presence of Devious in his own words.
4 Wall Films and Rainbow Circle Films are two independent production companies based in the Cape Flats, who pride themselves on producing quality documentary films for local and international audiences. The companies have co-produced the film, and have committed extensive resources to seeing the film deliver to the highest of standards and expectations.
The project was given a development grant by the Cape Film Commission Fund and received a further grant from the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa and from the Hivos/Sithengi Southern African Film Fund and the Swedish South African Culture Partnership Fund towards production costs and has secured a pre-license on SABC, South African public television.
Our production team went to Amsterdam to secure key interviews with friends and colleagues of Mr. Devious, who worked with him musically, and in the anti-globalization, social justice movements. The filmmaker also secured film archive of Mr. Devious' wife, Natalie performing at a memorial event in Amsterdam and at a youth conference in Cape Town.
The archive footage makes for remarkable documentary material that includes performances and a music video completed in Amsterdam, where Devious visited and worked with an organization called Baobab Connections, an anti-globalisation international organisation.
The filmmakers present an honest deeply thought-through film that reflects the passionate life, death and legacy of Mr. Devious, an Icon of the Cape Flats and South Africa.

THE BATTLE FOR MR. DEVIOUS' MUSIC - Natalie's quest (The story behind the story)
The death of Mario van Rooy, aka Mr. Devious, attracted considerable media attention in January 2004, as he was recognized as a man with remarkable talent who used his gift to uplift the youth in his community. Mr. Devious was a real son of Cape Town, South Africa, and in this film, the legacy continues, and his voice will be heard.
Natalie van Rooy, Mr. Devious' wife, has succeeded in her quest to gather most of the musical works written and performed by her late husband. Her determination to release his album independently so that the communities here and abroad can appreciate his unflinching passion - has been rewarded with the launch of the documentary, Mr. Devious My Life and his First album - so his message can be heard.
There will be a commemorative DVD / CD release with the film and the film soundtrack in April 2007. Anyone interested in information about these projects can join the e-mail list through the website and you will be kept informed about release dates in your area. Natalie is also available as a speaker who can facilitate workshops, presentations and performances based on the film and the soundtrack on request.
For more information about the film or to book the filmmakers for a screening of the film contact Martina at:021-9331514 or

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