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Max Lässer
Between ..................................... BW 103 M.E.L.T.
1. New Friend
2. Kumnandi
3. Sunset
4. Lua Lua
5. 2 Talk
6. Long Journey
7. Bhoyi
8. From Far, So Near
9. Jumpy
10. Between
11. Daniel's Song
12. Friendly Touch
13. Shuffle Dance
14. Home

Over a decade and four albums with his Ark project, Max Lässer developed a uniquely luscious sound. The first fruit of this development is his collaboration with a group of female singers and musicians from South Africa including Busi Mhlongo, Lungiswa Plaatjies.

Max Lässer; Madala Kunene
Madamax Bafo ........................ MZA 044 M.E.L.T.
1. Unogwaja
2. Yelele
3. Amasi
4. Namhla Kungawe
5. First Jam
6. Bafo
7. Merisha
8. Siyakhala
9. Emagcekeni
10. Kommetjie
11. Ucilo
12. Ulimmat
13. Ubongo
14. Uthando
15. Unogwaja

Prolific composer & Swiss guitarist Max Lässer started working in South Africa in 1995 on the invitation of the M.E.L.T. label. His first collaboration with Madala Kunene and Lungiswa Plaatjies resulted in the album Madamax - applauded by the press in Europe and the USA and compared to Ali Farka Toure's work with Ry Cooder.
Madamax Bafo is the second album, this time featuring Busi Mhlongo's bass player Bernard Sbusiso Mndaweni and two of Andreas Vollenweider's top musicians - Walter Keiser on drums and Christoph Stiefel on keyboards.

Max Lässer; Madala Kunene
Madamax ................................ BW 2119 M.E.L.T.
1. Gongo
2. Undedenazane
3. Cow Song
4. Marriage
5. Impukane
6. Wowo

Madala joined creative forces with Max Lässer, one of the most accomplished guitarists in Europe, to produce the excellent and innovative album Madamax highlighting the vocal talents of Lungiswa Plaatjies. Max Lässer, known for his compositions and guitar playing for Andreas Vollenweider, has undertaken several tours in Central Europe with South African artists from the M.E.L.T. label - a special mention is appropriate for his album Between wich hosts arists like Busi Mhlongo, Pops Mohamed, Simpiwe Matole and Lungiswa a.o.

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