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Maxïmo Park
Our Earthly Pleasures . SMCD 165 2007 SHEER
1. Girls Who Play Guitars
2. Our Velocity
3. Books From Boxes
4. Russian Literature
5. Karaoke Plays
6. Your Urge
7. The Unshockable
8. By The Monument
9. Nosebleed
10. A Fortnight's Time
11. Sandblasted And Set Free
12. Parisian Skies

A Certain Trigger .............. SMCD 140 2005 SHEER
1. Signal And Sign
2. Apply Some Pressure
3. Graffiti
4. Postcard Of A painting
5. Going Missing
6. I Want You To Stay
7. Limassol
8. The Coast Is Always Changing
9. The Night I Lost My Head
10. Once, A Glimpse
11. Now I'm All Over The Shop
12. Acrobat
13. Kiss You Better

Maxïmo Park's debut album has been hotly tipped and for good reason; in "A Certain Trigger' the band have delivered a solid gold album, packed full of classic pop hits.
From the infectiously catchy "Apply Some Pressure', to the jerky passion of "Graffiti' to the anthemic and immense, "Going Missing', "A Certain Trigger' is by turns romantic, edgy, powerful and energetic. No wonder the NME describe Maxïmo Park as "a firework display of perfect pop...the first band to take the splendour of the Smiths and run with it.''
Despite its wildly adventurous scope, "A Certain Trigger' holds together like a dream. In part this is because of frontman Paul Smith's unique voice and emotionally open lyrics, and in part because of the band's simple approach to sounds and effects. Maxïmo Park embrace classic pop song structures, and then subvert them at will.
The album is produced by Paul Epworth, the man behind the debut albums of both Bloc Party and The Futureheads.

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