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Mark Fransman
Sonik Citizen ...................................... 2015
1. Now Is the Time
2. Blind
3. Don't Let Her Walk Away
4. Selfless You, Selfish Me
5. Modern Man's Blues
6. Ray
7. Daddy's Girl
8. Sincerely Yours
9. Love And War
10. Why?
11. The Things We Do
12. Talking Too Much
13. More Precious Than... (Demo Version)

Long Time Coming ........................... 2015
1. Long Time Coming
2. Spare A Thought For Love
3. One For The Children
4. Mo's Journey Part II
5. Family
6. The House That Mark Built
7. Just Can't Stop
8. From The Old, Pt. 2
9. Is Ja!
10. Chilled Fire
11. Raak Wys
12. One For Steve
13. My House
14. Cape Funk

Mark Fransman's Straight & Narro - Ahead . F1000884 2006 BOWLINE
1. Intro
2. Love Supreme
3. Horace
4. Superficial
5. Walk Tall
6. From The Old
7. Game Of Love
8. Place In My Heart
9. Clark Kent
10. Cool Fool
11. Beauty Of Innocence
12. Playing It Safe
13. Cool Fool II
14. Kindergarten
15. Outro

Mark Fransman has performed on stages in Europe such as the Euro De Afrique festival in Italy (along with such names as Yusuf N'dour and Papa Wemba), the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, Holland 2000 and 2002 and the Swedish Jazz Celebration in Sweden, Stockholm in 2006. He is currently involved with his own group, Strait & Narro, a seven piece band featured on their debut album, Ahead and Johnnie Walker Jazz Impressions vol. 1.

Mark's role in the band is that of composer, leader and arranger. The band boasts a group of new breed younger musicians in the likes of Buddy Wells, alto and tenor saxophones (Tribe), Lee Thomson, trumpet (Golliwog, Springbok Nude Girls), Kevin Gibson, drums, samples (Jimmy Dludlu,Wired to the floor), Gavin Minter (Wired to the floor) Wesley Rusten, bass (Gramadoelas) and Melanie Scholtz, vocals and poetry (Jimmy Dludlu).

The music played by the band has a wide ranging sound pallete and incorporates a fresh urban South African sound fused with elements of Hip-hop, Trip-hop, Funk and Jazz.

skakels :

2018 06 03-05 - Claude Cozens Trio, Benjamin Jephta, Kyle Shepherd, Jitsvinger, Zoe Modiga, Hilton Schilder, Mark Fransman, Artscape Arena - Computicket

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