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Maliq (BA4ZA)
vetseunLAAI AF
Sleepless In Seattle/My Mind On Cap City MP3s . 2009
1. Poppa's Got A New Gat (Jake One Mix)
2. Poppa's Got A New Gat (Trompie Mix)
3. SmArt Peddler (Jake One Mix)
4. B-Boy Blues (Jake One Mix)
5. Shades Of The Dark Continent (Jake One Mix)
6. Sahnun's Skit (Jake One Mix)
7. Gimme Gimme (Vitamin D Mix)
8. Why? met AQ (Jake One Mix)
9. Why? met AQ (Trompie Mix)
10. The Answer (Bean One Mix)
11. Click Click Boom (Jake One Mix)
12. Click Click Boom RMX met Damola, Poet, Ras (Jake One Mix)
13. Ghetto Supahero (Trompie Mix)
14. Issues (Trompie Mix)
15. Strange World (Trompie Mix)
16. That Song (Trompie Mix)
17. Life Is (Trompie Mix)

OFFICIAL BOOTLEGS VOLUME TWO. Sleepless in Seattle: All beats by Jake One except "The Answer" by Bean One and "Gimme Gimme" by Vitamin D. It's that Cap City Seatown Connection! Cap City on My Mind: All beats produced by Trompie.

vetseunLAAI AF
Official Bootlegs Vol. 1 MP3s ........... 2005
1. Ghetto Supahero
2. Life Is
3. Strange World
4. Get Luz
5. African Express
6. Down met BA4ZA
7. Issues
8. Imbhokodo
9. Common Ground
10. Skop Skiet Donder
11. That Song
12. Hustler's Prayer

This album is made up of a bunch of tracks that I had recorded between 2004-2005 at Nyambz's home studio in between doing material with BA4ZA. I put them all together originally for promotional use at the Red Bull Music Academy which I attended in Seattle, USA in 2005. Thus the title 'Official Bootlegs'.

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