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Louise Carver
Say It To My Face ...... NEXTCD 452 2013 NEXT MUSIC
1. Tonight
2. Tonight
3. How You Gonna Do It
4. Not Tonight
5. One Day
6. Say It To My Face
7. Somebody
8. Right Thing
9. You Think You Got It Easy met JR
10. Take Two Steps Back
11. Should I Stay
12. Sunrise
13. Every Night
14. Days Go By (Pascal & Pearce Remix)
15. 400 Miles

Louise Carver required no introduction. The pop queen of South Africa is releasing her latest album "Say It To My Face" which sees the completion of a shift from acoustic to electronic music, which began in her last album, "Look To The Edge". As a multi-tasking solo artist and businesswoman, it's hardly surprising that the singer-songwriter decided to explore new territory and seek new challenges. Equally, it could have just been what felt right.
"It was a very natural process," says Carver. "Once I feel that I've done the best I can in a genre, I need to move on. What was very interesting to me was an electronic sound that could be recreated live something like Faithless or Massive Attack."
The opening track on the new album (scheduled for release on 8 April), "Tonight", as a microcosm of this new philosophy, sets the bar for what is to come. Synthesizers and skittish beats can't hide the pop heart and huge hooks for which Carver s songwriting is respected, but they do announce, firmly, that a fresh vision is in place. "I love the soundscapes that can be created in electronica," says Carver. "I felt restricted by rock. I've never been in a band as a singer-songwriter, so I really appreciated the opportunity to express ideas in a different way."
She may not be surrounded by backing musicians, but "Say It To My Face" features a handful of collaborators with whom Carver worked very closely, including South African producers Christopher Tuck and Chris Hoy and influential American DJ Joe Bermudez (who has opened for Madonna, Lady Gaga and Rihanna and also writes and produces music).
It's Bermudez's input that will announce "Say It To My Face" to Louise Carver fans old and new, as the first single off the collection, "Not Tonight" (a catchy tune that progresses quickly from introspective R&B to pogo pop to dancefloor stomper), is a song he wrote with Vinny Prezioso and Tiff Lacey. "Joe came to South Africa with David Guetta for some shows last year," says Carver. "He heard the 'Days Go By' remix by Pascal & Pearce while he was here and said he wanted to work with me. And he didn't waste time. He sent me an instrumental version of the track 'Sunrise' and we recorded some vocals in Cape Town. But he wanted to really work on the music, so I flew over to Boston to work with his whole team, which was an incredible experience."
Carver's earned a reputation as a perfectionist, but she reckons she met her match in Bermudez. "There was a team of three songwriters debating literally every phrase as we laid it down," she smiles. "They'd be asking things like, 'Has she sung that last word well enough?' and 'Is that word even relevant?' And I had to sing in quite a forceful way, which was uncomfortable to begin with. But I loved the process of crafting a song."
Working hard on specific sounds extended to the rest of the tracks on the album as well. "Chris Tuck comes from an electronica background, while Chris Hoy comes from a dance and festival background, so I had some great combinations with my heart in songwriting and theirs in beats and a knowledge of what works on dance floors."
Heart. Knowledge. Just two of the reasons that everything on "Say It To My Face" works, individually and as a unit.
Most of the songs share a theme relationships gone right or wrong ("Tonight", "Should I Stay", "Sunrise", "Days Go By") with the stand-out exception being the darkly appealing "How You Gonna Do It", which is about crime and responding to it, particularly apposite given current news headlines. "Strong emotion is so important to generate energy," says Carver, "and these subjects really do speak to me. They get my wheels turning."
Carver's plans for promoting "Say It To My Face" include a sophisticated visual aspect, inspired by the European elegance of Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve and Penelope Cruz. And though the singer-songwriter's new style lends itself to dancefloors, Carver won't be ignoring the audience that has helped her build a successful career. Upcoming concerts will include acoustic sounds - cello, guitar and piano and move onto pads and more electronic sounds as the show builds.
"Not Tonight", the first single from "Say It To My Face", was released to national radio on 18 March. The album will be released by Evergreen Music/Next Music locally on 8 April.

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400 Miles CDS ................................... 2012

Look To The Edge ............ CDCOL7300 COLUMBIA
1. Warrior met Zuluboy
2. Take From Me
3. Where Have You Gone
4. These Days
5. Honey It's Time To Go
6. Always Be There
7. What If
8. Driving With The Breaks On
9. Raindrops
10. Don't Wanna Know
11. Come Closer
12. Come Lover To Me

The Home Tour - Live ....... CDCOL7194 COLUMBIA
1. Intro To Home
2. Home
3. Intro To Weeping
4. Weeping
5. Didn't Mean To Call
6. Spirit Of The Great Heart
7. It Don't Matter
8. Empty Fantasy
9. Intro To Give Me Hope Joanna
10. Give Me Hope Joanna
11. Time Is A Healer
12. Hold My Hand
13. Move Closer
14. Holding On
15. Moments Away
16. Impossible Love
17. The Only Thing
18. Too Late For Mama
19. Intro To Harder Than I Thought
20. Harder Than I Thought
21. Time Is A Healer

Silent Scream ................. CDCOL8313 2005 COLUMBIA
1. Empty Fantasy
2. Harder Than I Thought
3. Move Closer
4. Splendid Isolation
5. Calm & Peaceful
6. Impossible Love
7. Silent Scream
8. Hold My Hand
9. Lift Me
10. Perfect Day
11. Spotlight Over You
12. Forgotten Me
+ Bonus Track

In 1997, Louise Carver was undoubtedly one of South Africa's most recognized musicians for her hit single "It Don't Matter" which reached number 3 on the National Top 40 charts. She was just 17. Since then Louise has had many hits including "Fallen For You", "Not Here" and in the International arena, Play The Game and I'd Say Yes.
This year, SonyBMG South Africa has joined forces with Louise to release her latest album "Silent Scream".
This self written album sees Louise returning to her rock roots, working along side some of the greatest musicians and producers worldwide. The first single from the album, "Empty Fantasy", has already been included on The Hits Volume 12 compilation for the festive season, and will undoubtedly be another chart topper.

Stilte Skree CDS ...................................... JIP

Saved By The Moonlight CD/DVD . CDCOL7167 COLUMBIA
Disk 1:
1. Didn't Mean To Call
2. The Only Thing
3. Home
4. ComeTo Me
5. When I'm With You
6. Girl In Love
7. Time Is A Healer
8. Seperate Rooms
9. Take Comfort
10. Fallen Angel
11. Goodbye My Love
12. Holding On
13. Impossible Love
14. Harder Than I Thought
15. Home
16. Didn't Mean To Call
Disk 2:
1. Impossible Love
2. Harder Than I Thought
3. Home
4. Didn't Mean To Call

Saved By The Moonlight . CDCOL7122 COLUMBIA
1. Didn't Mean To Call
2. The Only Thing
3. Home
4. ComeTo Me
5. When I'm With You
6. Girl In Love
7. Time Is A Healer
8. Seperate Rooms
9. Take Comfort
10. Fallen Angel
11. Goodbye My Love
12. Holding On

Now an established artist on the South African music scene, Louise Carver is releasing a brand new studio album. The starting point for SAVED BY THE MOONLIGHT was a desire to capture the "live performance" element of Carver's creative life.
In executing her vision, Carver turned to gifted producer (and Springbok N*de Girld member) Theo Crous. Says Carver: "I chose Theo Crous to produce my album because he truly understands the concept of "less is more". He allows the song to breath and lets all nuances of the vocal remain in the song.
Strong on melody and lyrics as fans have come to expect from Carver, SAVED BY THE MOONLIGHT once again allows Carver's original songs to be the dominant force on the recording. Carver says the album title came after she had almost completed the recording.
"...I wanted it to encapsulate all the different aspects of making the music...Whatever personal crisis is going on in your life, the sun and moon will rise irrespectively and this reassurance is comforting. SAVED BY THE MOONLIGHT is my way of acknowledging this relationship."
SAVED BY THE MOONLIGHT is heralded by first single "Home" which Carver says is a true reflection of the album.

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Play The Game CDS ....... MFF12022 2002 MUSIC FOR FREAKS
1. Play The Game
2. Play The Dub

Looking Around EP .............................. 2002

Not Here CDS ....................................

Mirrors & Windows ............................... 1996

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2020 07 12 - StayIN-Concert: Louise Carver - Virtually Yours,
Join this award winning artist for her first ever Live in Studio performance, where she will perform all her most popular songs plus a few surprises. Louise will take you on a story telling journey and reveal the catalyst behind each song. Wearing 12 different South African designer dresses and surrounded by South African art, Louise's performance will be a visual and phonic feast for the senses. 12 July 2020 @ 19:00


2006 4 Oktober - Louise Carver, R50, Back2Basics, JHB

2006 1 September - Louise Carver, Café Barcelona

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