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Louis de Lange (L. de Lange)
Sentimental Rhytm LP ..... PSTR 2091 PANORAMA
- Louis de Lange at the Hammond Organ -
Side One:
1. Delilah
2. The Last Waltz
3. Guantanamera
4. A Tree By The Roadside (Groen Koringlande)
5. Wish Me A Rainbow
6. Indian Love Call
Side Two:
1. Love Is Blue
2. Man Without Love
3. Mr. Lucky
4. Spanish Flea
5. San Antonio Rose
6. Sail Along Silv'ry Moon

Hold Me Close LP ............. PSTR 2020 PANORAMA
Side One:
1. Green, Green
2. Kleine Nachtegal
3. Old Corral (Oukraal-Liedjie) - MP3 >>>
4. Lara's Theme
5. Marie
6. Lilies Of The Field (Olie Kolonie)
Slde Two:
1. On The Rebound
2. Oh Lonesome Me
3. Circus Polka
4. Morgen
5. Spanish Eyes
6. Baby Elephant Walk

To prove that music teachers know what they're doing - what with today's guitar twangers and crazy cats setting a fast and furious pace - Louis has been roped in to make this album. He is no stranger in our studios, being a permanent member of the orchestra, as well as the right-hand man to the musical director. An energetic musician, he is any all-rounder with plenty of rhythmic bounce.
He never seems to tire. He "doubles" on any instrument that is played by bIack-and-white keyboard and is an accomplished organist. He strums the guitar and sings at parties only. He started a top-notch dance band recently, which is now in great demand.
After Iistening to him, you will know why, although, (we want to add) it is hardIy fair to expect Louis to demonstrate his full variety of styles in only tweIve numbers, but there will be more records, we promise you. - omslag

Recording and Production: Pierre J. Lombard and Dries Lombaard.

Skuif Die Stoele Opsy! LP ..................... KEURGOUD
- Konsertina : Eddie Alberts Met Louis de Lange En Sy Orkes -

Laat Ons Gaan / Tuiskoms 7" . P 267 1962 PÊREL

Danstyd; Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou / Katjiepiering-Wals 7" . SK 16 KRISTAL
Kant Een:
1. Danstyd (L. de Lange); Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou (Trad.)
Kant Twee:
1. Katjiepiering-Wals (Trad.)

skakels :

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