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Take The Blame ................... SEED 105 SEED MUSIC
1. Take The Blame
2. Money And Drugs
3. For The Fallen
4. Higher Ground
5. Garden Of Contagious Animals
6. The Thought Of You
7. Wake Up
8. My Sanity
9. Want You Dead
10. Beautiful
11. DATA

"Take The Blame" marks the first official Libido full-length album release. Formed in 2000, this hardworking prolific outfit have released no less than three demo' albums and two EP's prompting critics to hail them as one of the most exciting bands to come out of South Africa.

Having honed their craft both live and in the studio and securing the backing of two heavyweight sponsors in the form of Jägermeister and Diesel, Libido are set to take things to a new level with the uber radio friendly single 'Higher Ground' destined to drive the new album into chart action territory.

skakels :

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2007 06 02 - Mayneframe Productions presents KYH kill your hero: Bloodline, New Found Disorder, Insek, Straatligkinders (Potch), Hell To Pay, Reason to Live, Suicide Kings, Libido, Autumn Sun, The Halo Effect, Zeplin's, Pretoria, 20:00, R40

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