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Khula ............................... CDHOLA2014 TKZEE WREKORDS
1. Umthandazo
2. Inkunz' Yakhona
3. Nunu met Kwesta
4. Ulubambo Lwami
5. Asoze
6. Dilizani
7. Akulalwa
8. Gijima Mfana
9. Nyamezla
10. Inzwana
12. Impumelelo
13. Zulu Lami

KHULA is the title of the album from Afro-Pop artist, Kruna. It means growth and in many ways is describes what this artist is all about. Kruna has experienced - and is still experiencing - a great deal in his life and he draws on this for insiration. This 13 track album is Afro-Pop in its overall feel but also includes many other influences.Among these are hip hop, gospel, soul pop and traditional. Lyrically, KHULA talks about hard work, perseverance, relationships and commitment. Kruna believes that success has a lot to do with surrounding himself with positive commited people - people who go above and beyond the call of duty. KHULA features collaborations with Senzo "Kwesta" Vilakazi and Nozipho Ntsele. It is produced by Thabang "Kruna" Zwane himself along with Themba "Mhlekazi" Fassie, Themba "Shorts" Mbuli and Brian "Hoodlum" Mashapa.
KHULA is Kruna's second solo album following his 2005 debut ISIKHATHI SENJABULO. Kruna has earned respect in the South African music industry as a performer, singer and songwriter and has appeared on several albums as a collaboration including Slikour's album VENTILATION.

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