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met Hennie Maritz
Duis:Lig - Dans .................................. 2016
1. Dans
2. In U Leef Ons
3. Heilig
4. U Stem
5. U's Getrou
6. Ek Rig My Oe
7. Ek Gee Oor
8. Immanuel
9. Let Your Glory Fall
10. Cover Me
11. Here as in Heaven

met Hennie Maritz
Duis:Lig 2 ........................................... 2014
1. Een Met U
2. Ek Het U Nodig
3. Celebrate
4. Ek Sal Sing
5. There Is None
6. Vir U Woord
7. In Sy Lig
8. Ek Verstaan
9. Sing U Liefde
10. Holy Spirit
11. Genoeg Vir My
12. Running
13. U Naam

met Hennie Maritz
Duis:Lig ............................. LBMD065 2012 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Helder Lig
2. Here We Stand
3. U Oorweldig Ons
4. Weak Man
5. Loof Die Heer
6. Ek Sal Wag
7. U Liefde Sal Nooit Faal
8. Hier By U
9. U Hand Bly Op My
10. Ek Smag Na U
11. Lig In Ons Donker
12. Steeds Naby
13. Duis:Lig

Just like LuidKeels was a praise & worship movement that started in a student community under the leadership of Retief Burger in 2005 and forever changed the view we have of Afrikaans praise & worship, Duis:Lig is the movement of today. Duis:Lig refers to the light of God causing an overwhelming blindness when switched on in our lives filled with darkness. The incredible voice of KrissTel, paired with the worship leader Hennie Maritz just magically portrays exactly this switch. They work so well together and both firmly believe that the praise should be to God alone for every song and every word they sing. This movement reminds one of the Jesus' Culture movement and was met with overwhelming responce from many teenagers in Johannesburg that attended the live recording. Everyone is now on the edge of their seats to hear what the final product sounds like and see it move the young people of South Africa into action. The album which is a CD/DVD will be available on May the 21st 2012 and is sure to start a new revolution in praise and worship.

Made To Be Loved .......... LBMD024 2008 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Closer
2. Palm Of My Hands
3. Made To Be Loved
4. Change
5. No End
6. Father
7. Cry Out
8. Wonderland
9. Beauty
10. Clever Mind
11. Never Without You
12. Becca's Lullaby

Opstaan .............. LBMD044 2010 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Alweer
2. Ongesteurd
3. Wat As Dit Jy Was?
4. Warm Kombers
5. Mary-Magdalene
6. Beautiful
7. Groot
8. Vlees
9. Vir My Gekom
10. 7 x 70
11. Kunsdans
12. Opstaan
13. Hey Jy!
14. Seëngebed Vir Mans

OPSTAAN is KrissTel's second album and reminds of the work of Nicole Nordeman. It however, it consists of touches of Sarah McClaglan and Alanis Morrisette, mostly in Afrikaans. With this album KrissTel does not only display her awesome vocal talent, but speaks to the heart of every person and encourages the listener to heed to the words of Heb 12 "..let us strip off every weight that slows us down... And let us run with endurance the race...
So take a new grip with your tired hands and stand firm on your shaky will not stumble and fall but will become strong." This is a must have album that will still bring you hours of heart warming pleasure, all while encouraging you to GET UP!

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