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Dynasty ............................ CDJUST 447 JUST MUSIC
1. Start Again
2. Don't Stop Dancing
3. Dynasty
4. Say It's Over
5. Fire In Your New Shoes
6. Human Reactor
7. Only You
8. Call Out
9. To The Skies
10. Don't Wait
11. Empty Streets
12. All That You Give

The OM Remixes .......... SCCD 055 2009 SOUL CANDI

Strobelite Seduction . CDJUST 231 2008 JUST MUSIC
1. Move For Me
2. Angel On My Shoulder
3. Back On You
4. Step One Two
5. Pose
6. I Remember
7. Borrowed Theme
8. I'll Never Dream
9. One Heart
10. Your Love Is Black

Bring The Night ......... CDJUST 198 2007 JUST MUSIC
1. Funk 2 Night - Joslyn
2. I'm With Ya - Troydon
3. Unconditional - Joey Youngman
4. Sorry - Kaskade
5. Stoopit - The Martin Brothers
6. Corruption - Count Funkula
7. The Message - Johnny Fiasco
8. Fly Me Away - Christos Kedras
9. Let's Begin - Roan
10. Changes - David Tort & DJ Ruff Meets DJ Disciple
11. Cycles - Milton Jackson
12. Hearts Reaction - Summer Of Space

Bring The Night ................ UTA1567 2007 ULTRA
1. I Found U - Axwell
2. Funk 2 Night - Joslyn
3. Big Fun - D.O.N.S.
4. I'm With Ya - Troydon
5. All Good Things (Come To an End) - Nelly Furtado
6. Sorry - Kaskade
7. Nyc Beat - Armand van Helden
8. Stoopit - The Martin Brothers
9. The Beat Goes On - Bob Sinclar
10. Let's Begin - Roan
11. Changes - DJ Disciple
12. Wheels In Motion - Funkerman
13. Supastar - Floetry
14. Cycles - Milton Jackson
15. Hearts Reaction - Summer Of Space

Love Mysterious ........ CDJUST 136 2006 JUST MUSIC/ULTRA
1. Stars Align
2. Be Still
3. In This Life
4. All You
5. Sorry
6. Distance
7. X
8. Fake
9. Sometimes
10. Never Ending
11. 4am

Love Mysterious is Kaskade's third album and will mark his first release with Ultra Records. Those familiar with Kaskade's preceding albums, It's You, It's Me and In The Moment, will feel a sound of greater dimension and big-room proportion in Love Mysterious. Though his trademark melodies, sensual vocalists, and emotionally driven sound remains intact, Love Mysterious is a bolder production and reflective of Kaskade's growing acclaim and popularity worldwide.
Today, for the Chicago-raised San Francisco transplant, playing sold-out shows in every corner of the globe is, in fact, routine. When Madonna performed at the 2006 Coachella Festival, Kaskade along with Paul Oakenfold were the opening acts. Overseas, Kaskade has been the headliner at huge festivals and events including Field Day and Park Life in Sydney, Australia, or he'll pop up on any given weekend at megaclubs ranging from Carfax in Johannesburg, South Africa to Summer Dance in Manila. If there's a dance culture alive and well in this world, Kaskade has likely been there, and he's likely scheduled to go there again soon.
Kaskade's explosion onto the dance music scene and subsequent rise to top-tier status is not without significance. As Tricia Romano of the Village Voice observed, "In dance music no one ever seems to graduate or ever get promoted, which means that the ability for new DJs and producers to break in the upper ranks is incredibly hard. Kaskade is one of the few who've pushed past the Sashas and the Derricks to get on the A-list." That Kaskade has broken rank as well as tradition is a testament of his ability to create music that has succeeded in transcending industry politics and obstinate so-called gatekeepers. And transcend it certainly has: consistently to the top of the charts.
Kaskade's remix of the Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha" immediately hit Number One on Billboard Magazine's Hot Dance Music Club Play, as did his remix of David Morales' "Here I Am." His own songs have proven to be just as chart-worthy: The single "Everything," a big-room remix off In The Moment made Number One on Hot Music Club Play and went as far as Number Six on Hot Dance Single Sales (another weekly Billboard chart). But it was the single "Steppin' Out" that earned Kaskade wide recognition, far beyond the dance music scene and thanks in no small part to its heavy radio play and commercial licensing, as well as being named to the annual "Top Ten Singles" list by Entertainment Weekly.
From Budweiser commercials to MTV's The Real World, the rocker-styled guitar riffs of "Steppin' Out" mixed to a bass-heavy backbeat was contagious in its appeal, and burst open a wholly new and original sound to dance music. Individuality is apparent in Kaskade's personality, and so is the music he produces, which is consistently fresh and discernibly original. Love Mysterious lives up to this reputation and reinforces Kaskade's stronghold in dance music. Dennis Romero of the Los Angeles City Beat couldn't have put it better when he writes, "If there's a man of the moment in dance music, it's Kaskade."

In The Moment ......... CDRPM 1851 2004 RPM
1. Steppin' Out
2. Maybe
3. I Like The Way
4. Honesty
5. Sweet Love
6. Strum
7. One You
8. Interlude
9. Soundtrack To The Soul
10. Everything
11. Yeah Right
12. Move
13. Let You Go
14. It's You It's Me

In The Moment .................... OM 157 2004 OM RECORDS
1. Steppin' Out
2. Maybe
3. I Like The way
4. Honesty
5. Sweet Love
6. Strum
7. One You
8. Interlude
9. Soundtrack To The Soul
10. Everything
11. Yeah Right
12. Move
13. Let You Go

It's You, It's Me .................... OM 120 2003 OM RECORDS
1. Meditation to the Groove
2. I Feel Like
3. What I Say [Soft Shuffle Mix]
4. This Rhythm
5. Mak Mop
6. Seeing Julie
7. It's You, It's Me
8. Get Busy met Rob Wannamaker
9. Tonight
10. Charlie's Plight
11. My Time
12. Call Me Wise
13. Close

Sounds Of Ohm - Vol. 3 - Mixed By Kaskade . OM-099 2002 OM RECORDS
1. Intro
2. It's Love
3. Gonna Make It
4. I Can't Wait
5. Take Five
6. What I Say
7. Love Dub
8. Lovely
9. Human Inertia
10. Freak
11. Fall Into You
12. Jazzmatic
13. Can't Stop
14. If I Fall
15. Caffeine Sunrise
16. Gonna Make It
17. Infinite Rhythm

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