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Joe Nina
Great South African Performers . CDPS 080 2011 GALLO
1. Amanzi Awekho
2. Gijima
3. Hudodifha
4. S'bali
5. I Apologise
6. Manje Nguwe
7. Zodwa
8. Tell Me (Where You Are)
9. My Father's Love
10. Twister
11. Nomthandazo
12. Thank You, My Lord

Unchained ................. CDGURB 131 2009 GALLO
1. Manje Nguwe
2. Hudodifha
3. Amanzi Awekho
4. Gijima
5. Themba Lami
6. Ngihambile
7. Yimi Lo
8. Nonto Swidi Lami
9. Sondela Eduze
10. Tell Me (Where Are You?)
11. Zvichanaka
12. Ding Dong - Reloaded
13. The One

Travel The Gravel ............. CDHEITA035 HEITA!
1. Ndabazabantu
2. Emajazzin
3. Ngibeke Esifubeni
4. Ding Dong - Reloaded
5. Ungasabi Baby
6. Nginike Inamba Yakho
7. Uthando Lwami Likulindile
8. Indlela Ongithanda Ngaya
9. My Prayer
10. Ukhalelani Moya Wam
11. Ithemba Lami
12. Jehova
13. Liyam'izulu
14. Ice Cream

Joe Nina, kwaito innovator, master producer, accomplished songwriter and award-winner, returns in 2006 to his first love: being a solo artist. Joe's new album, TRAVEL THE GRAVEL, is his first through a deal with Heita! and represents a real return to form for this gifted artist. TRAVEL THE GRAVEL is one of the most moving recordings of Joe's inimitable career so far. As he says in his album sleeve, "During the making of this album, I was going through the most painful experience of my life," adding, "all one can do is hold on strong, till you reach the other side where the sun is shining brighter."
That TRAVEL THE GRAVEL's 14-tracks reflect the personal struggle Joe has been through is evident in the moving lyrics on each track, where Joe's Afro-Pop sound is also instantly identifiable. This album includes a new version of one of Joe's biggest hits: "Ding Dong (Reloaded)" which will find a ready audience in Joe's long-established and extensive fanbase while its 21st century groove is likely to earn him new fans as well. Over his career, Joe has won many award including Best African Pop album at both the 2001 and 2002 SA Music Awards as well as being given a YFM Decade Award in recognition of his contribution to the development of kwaito. With tracks ranging from the uplifting to the beautiful ("Uthando Iwami Likulindile"), with TRAVEL THE GRAVEL Joe again delivers an album of high quality.

The Very Best Of Joe Nina . SLCD 108 2006 SHEER
1. Nomthandazo
2. Sbali
3. Zodwa
4. Angeke Ng'phinde
5. Uz'unga Khohlwa
6. Ebunzimeni
7. Prayer
8. Mama Ka Sibongile
9. Phuma Kimi
10. Take Your Love
11. Jazzin' With My Angel
12. Pascalina
13. Twister
14. Living In Harmony
15. Castle Of Joy
16. Lovey Please Ungalili
17. Fantasy

Joe Nina needs no introduction to the South African music-place after several massive hits and a continual presence on the live circuit as well as press, radio and TV... Here we see 17 of his best tracks ever collected together on one disc for the first time: "The Very Best of Joe Nina". Featuring tracks from offshoot projects LAKIM (met Andy Narell) and the TRIO (Nana Coyote, Steve Kekana), also with special guests Hugh Masekela and Tsepo Tshola, a resounding album and with guests who are all in their own rights simply massive and who's appearance are credit to both Joe Nina's ability and status in the industry. With comprehensive linear notes on Joe's life history, this album is dedicated to Joe's many fans and supporters over the years, and is a statuesque tribute to a towering talent that will live forever in the hearts, minds and souls of the South African public...

Moments ........................ KSJCD 005 2005 ONBEKEND
1. Ebunzimeni
2. Dali Nguwe
3. Ngiyak Khumbula
4. Jazzin With My Angel
5. National Anthem
6. Thembi
7. Castle Of Joy
8. How Can You
9. Happy Birthday To You
10. Miles Away
11. Zinxaki Zam
12. Sweet Night In Afrika

Angeke Ng'phinde .............. KSJCD 002 ONBEKEND
1. Lovey Please, Ungalali
2. Angeke Ng'phinde
3. Izidakamizwa
4. Khehla Lami
5. Bawo Thethelela
6. Ngumzwangedwa
7. The Way You Love Me
8. Dented Notes
9. Still On The Road
10. Angeke Ng'phinde Reloaded
11. Viki Vaka Voko

Nomthandazo .......... CDGURB 024 2001 GALLO
1. Nomthandazo
2. Twister
3. Ngizwele (Madubula / Mashaya)
4. Mama Ka Sibongile
5. Iphupho - met Steve Kekana
6. Zozo Dali Wama
7. Amanzi Awekho
8. My Father's Love
9. Ngeke Sihlukane (My Ice Mint)
10. From My Joy
11. I Apologise
12. Iphupho (Remix)

Mababaza ................. CDGURB 007 2000 GALLO
1. Kuyobamnandi
2. Mababaza
3. Phuma Kimi
4. Thank You My Lord
5. Zodwa
6. Sthandwa (Umona)
7. Sbali
8. Nguwe (You Stole My Heart)
9. Themba Lami
10. Siyoyivala Le Zozo
11. Awudeli

Sbali CDS ............... CDGMP 40806 1999 GALLO
1. Sophie
2. Sbali - Groove Mix
3. Sbali
4. Sophie (Instrumental)
5. Sbali - Slow Sgubhu

Joy (Kuya Sheshwa La) . CDRBL 237 1996 UNIVERSAL

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