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Jedi Knight
vetseunLAAI AF
Jedi Knight x Methodmaticz - Sounds Of Home . 2020
1. How Blessed Are We met Amy Brown
2. Home Love
3. Easy Knight
4. The Abundance met eL'surai
5. My Mother's City
6. Do Your Work
7. Til The Death
8. Cape Town Girl met YesPlsNdThnkYou
9. Feel The Groove met Rimestein
10. Wild Wild West met YesPlsNdThnkYou
11. Vintage Green

vetseunLAAI AF
Jedi Knight x Garth Soul - The Cypher CDS . 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Linkris - Bom Bom Shit met Klein Fortuin, Amy Brown & Jedi Knight (Prod. deur Stuwi W) CDS . 2017 KATALIS PRODUCTIONS
- #Giftigevenootskappe

vetseunLAAI AF
Seperation met Linkris, Rimestein & Knoffelbruin (Cuts by DJ Ice Cue) (Prod. deur BruSwain) CDS . 2017 RYMKLETS REPUBLIEK

vetseunLAAI AF
Top Of The Food Chain met Hakkiesdraad Hartman CDS . 2016 RYMKLETS REPUBLIEK

vetseunLAAI AF
Grand Stand (Prod. deur Seth Grey) CDS . 2016 RYMKLETS REPUBLIEK
2015 12 12 - "Making Cents LP" LAUNCH
Making Cents LP ................................ 2015

vetseunLAAI AF
My Beautiful met Jerome Rex CDS . 2015 RYMKLETS REPUBLIEK

vetseunLAAI AF
R.E.A.L. met DJ Hearin Aid CDS .... 2015 RYMKLETS REPUBLIEK

skakels :

2018 01 26 - Northern Lights - Chapter VI - New Artist Segment: Antonio, Surprise Performance, Jaki$ Obama, Jedi Knight, Klein Fortuin, What To Expect: LinkrisTheGenius Music Video Screening, Klein Fortuin EP Release and Mini Documentary, Hosted by Linkris, 20:30, R50 - The Last Friday Of Every Month - KATALIS - Chillax

2018 01 18 - The Ready D Show presents The Cypher - Linkris The Genius, Jedi Knight, Klein Fortuin, Jaki$ Obama, Antonio Vannie Belhar, 21:00 - Exclusive to Good Hope FM 94-97MHz

2017 12 21 - SIEP Album Release Party, Club Le Chique, Rimestein, Jedi Knight, Lee-Ursus, BLK Mantis, Mr. T, Laura Jane, Yah, Loot Mauritz, DJ Ice CUE, Niko10long, LipGodz, 41 Trafford Street Blackheath Industria, 20:00, R40 - Ill Major Movement

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