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Helene Henn (Acoustica, Black Diamond)
Dream Of Love ................................... 2000 BMG
1. I Will Be The One
2. Stranded
3. Dream Of Love
4. Touched By You
5. Devil
6. It's Sad
7. Real
8. Your Love
9. Don't Walk Away
10. Understood
11. I Will Always Wait For You
12. Hold An Old Friend's Hand

Early 2000 saw the unleashing of a major new South African singer-songwriting talent with the release of former Black Diamond singer, Helene Henn's much anticipated debut solo album, Dream Of Love. And just a few months into the year, Helene is making a real impact with her music. Already in high rotation at radio stations across the country, several Dream Of Love tracks have clearly captured the hearts of an eager South African public. Produced by legendary South African hit-maker, Dennis East, Dream Of Love provides the perfect showcase for Helene's remarkable voice and mature songwriting, both of which belie her youthful age.

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