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Das Suedwester Lied . CDEMCJ 5449 1992 EMI
1. Das Suedwester Lied
2. So Ein Tag, So Wundershon Wie Heute
3. Marleen, Marleen, Marleen
4. Capri Fischer
5. Mude Kehrt Ein Wandersman Zuruck
6. Und Sie Hiess Lulalei
7. Schon Ist Die Jugend
8. Heimweh
9. Edelweiss
10. Danke
11. Griechischer Wein
12. La Montanara

The Heino Collection LP . COLLECT(O) 4 1988 EMI
Kant Een:
1. Das Sudwester Lied
2. Danke
3. Sonnenschein-Glucklichsein
4. Muss I Denn
5. Amazing Grace
6. Vom Alpenrand Zum Nordseestrand
7. Medley: O Du Wunderschoner Deutche Rhein; Westfalenlied
Kant Twee:
1. Sarie Marais
2. Gefangenenchor Aus "Nabucco"
3. Has Du Money
4. Die Schwarze Barbara
5. Kufsteinlied
6. Drei Weisse Birken
7. Gluckauf, Gluckauf!

Heino was born on 13th December 1938 in Dusseldorf, Germany. He started his career as a baker - which is far removed from the music that has made him over 5 million record sales!
His musical career began in 1952 when he made his first public appearance and was renowned for his accurate imitations of popular singers. He continued singing and playing in bands on a semi-professional basis until in 1965, German star Ralf Bendix sees him performing and offers to launch his recording career.
The first Heino single was released by EMI Germany. It sold over 100 000 copies and from then, Heino has never looked back. He has been given countless musical awards and his records have never failed in their popularity.
Heino is, and probably always will be, a huge seller in Southern Africa. We feature some of his biggest hits on this album - a tribute to a true star and performer. - omslag

Greatest Hits LP . CEY(M) 1471101 1985 EMI

Sudafrika LP ................. EMCJ 5339 1984 EMI

Das Sudwester Lied LP . EMCJ 5093 1976 EMI

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