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Harrison Crump
House On Fire .............. CDRBL 590 2011 UNIVERSAL
1. Give Me Some Space
2. Walk Away
3. You Don't No Me
4. Who U Think U Lying 2?
5. Cum Into Me
6. Deep In Thee Clouds
7. Coca Cola
8. Could It Be You
9. Boom Da Boom
10. Bang Bang
11. Acid Hit
12. Lay It Down
13. Lay It Down - Remix
14. Do What I Got To Do
15. Going Down
16. No, No, No

International House DJ releases album with Universal Music - Exciting headlines filling up media pages. A true fact as Harrison Crump releases a house album titled House on fire for the South African Market. Famous for his big hits Runaway Dreamer, Once Again, I need your love, Ride and many more which were licensed by a lot of South African DJs at the time such as DJ Fresh, DJ Euphonik, DJ Mbuso and other big brands. This being proof of his ability to enter different markets globally.
The exclusive release with Universal Music is causing waves as tracks such as Lay it Down, Give me some space and are receiving high airplay and support from music lovers. His crossover appeal has allowed him to build a fan base across the market, playing at clubs such as SET, Latinova and The Bank which covers White, Black, Indian and coloured market.
The 17 track album features South African artist such as Jerah and DJ Mbuso. The album caters for house lovers on all different levels as radio stations such as 5fm, Metro fm, Yfm, Capricorn Fm are jumping for exclusive interviews with Harrison Crump.
No doubt the album will be a seller as demand is already high for the product. Its a collectors item.

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