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Guy Buttery
Guy Buttery .............................. GB01 2016

met Nibs van der Spuy
In The Shade Of The Wild Fig . SLCD 256 2012 SHEER
1. I Know This Place
2. Trambicosa
3. Up To My Neck In You
4. Guru
5. Beneath An Evening Sky
6. Lebombo Mountain Drive
7. The Upper Reaches
8. Little Gujarat
9. Beautiful Feet
10. Pai

Fox Hill Lane ...................................... 2009
1. 7" Post Card 7
2. Half a Decade
3. Burnside
4. The Headwaters -Umtamvuna
5. Sibanisezwe
6. Tones
7. Choices
8. Mirleft
9. Mama
10. Chefchaoun
11. Travel by Packet
12. Sibanisezwe 2
13. Fox Hill Lane

National Album Launch vetseun - "Fox Hill Lane"

The inimitable Guy Buttery starts a National tour hot on the heels of sessions at Peace of Eden's recording studio in Knysna where he believes he has produced his best album yet. Fox Hill Lane is just off the press, literally, and makes its debut at numerous venues across South Africa this month. It features an eclectic collection of local and international musicians who have collaborated with Guy over the last few years and it falls nothing short of a relative masterpiece. Whilst the album could be fairly pigeon-holed as a beautifully crafted journey across an undulating landscape of fingerstyle guitar, it's anything but derivative. Collaborators include Nibs van der Spuy, Dan Patlansky, Tony Cox, Piers Faccini, Madala Kunene, and Syd Kitchen featuring over 20 different instruments on14 of his new compositions.

A road show of performances across South Africa launches Fox Hill Lane in major centres during 2009. It's an album to treasure and an essential element in any CD collection. Next year Guy returns to Europe, the UK and North America where fans are discovering his unusual style and his effervescent musical personality.

At an astonishing age of 25, Guy has three acclaimed albums to his credit, three nominations at the SAMA awards, numerous successful international tours and an exponentially expanding fan base. Having featured on the Australia's Big Day Out festival in 2008, the Acoustic Festival of Great Britain and New York's Long Island Festival, all in the same year, it figures that Guy's career is on the ascent.

CD's on sale!

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Songs From The Cane Fields . GHR 002 GREENHOUSE
1. December Poems
2. Driving North For The Sun
3. I Feel Like I Am Standing In The Rain
4. Nectarinia Amethystina
5. Spontaneous Combustion
6. Foot Tapper II (The Sequel)
7. Renwot
8. Mad Scientist Ritual
9. Room 23
10. Nail Problems
11. Wet Feet
12. Kogelsberg

When I Grow Up ............ SLCD 030 2003 SHEER
1. Opening
2. A + E
3. When I Grow Up ...
4. Coffee Anyone?
5. Nibs
6. Foot-Tapper
7. 50 westridge Toilet Blues
8. Mood Music For Corporate Lawyers
9. Forced
11. Self Portrait

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2016 04 03 - Jack Daniel's Park Acoustics: Jack Daniel's Music Stage: Coelacanth, Guy Buttery, Bam Bam Brown & The Proffessor, Thieve (Album Launch), Gangs Of Ballet, Pop Art Live, Sunset Comedy Stage: Chris Forrest, Allyn Adams, Glenbo, Umbillocream, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, 11:00, R150, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Jack Black - Brent Black

2014 04 27 - Park Acoustics in association with Jack Daniel's: Jack Daniel's Music Stage: Gerald Clark, Plush, Radio Kalahari Orkes, Guy Buttery & Nibs van der Spuy, Albert Frost, DJ Michael Lesar, Comedy with Dusty Rich, Isaac Gampu & Loyiso Madinga, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 11:00, R100, R120, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Brent Black - GAP

2012 06 24 - Park Acoustics now with extra Jack Daniel's: Koos Kombuis, Guy Buttery, Shannon Hope, Bateleur, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 12:00, R70, R80, - Park Acoustics - Jack Daniel's - BOS - - Brent Black Studios

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