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Graeme Sacks & Erika Strydom .com (Goggatjie)
Alphabet Tree - Stories From The Alphabet Tree - Volume 2 .

Alphabet Tree - Stories From The Alphabet Tree . BBP002
1. Introduction To Letters A & B
2. Dumi The Little Dassie
3. Ab Africa / Baobab Tree
4. Introduction To Letters C & D
5. Crocodile And The Dung Beetle
6. Cd Crocodile / Dung Beetle
7. Introduction To Letteres E & F
8. Elephant And The Firefly
9. Ef Elephant / Firefly
10. Goodbye & African Treehouse Theme

The African Alphabet - Fun Sing Along Songs For Kids . BBP001
1. AB
2. CD
3. EF
4. GH
5. IJ
6. KL
7. MN
8. OP
9. QR
10. ST
11. UV
12. W
13. XYZ

THE AFRICAN ALPHABET: Adult Friendly Kid's CD!
Picture an African village deep in a valley. Hear the sounds of ululation drifting through the hills. Now move to the vibrant city streets of bustling Soweto, children laughing, taxis hooting, dogs barking........and from down the street the jazzy sounds of a township saxophone. Next we are taking a ride through the African bushveld, with wild animals all around us, and the ancient cry of Impi warriors echoing through the plains. This is the authentic African collage found on the unique African Alphabet CD.
The African Alphabet CD contains 13 fun sing-along songs for kids of all ages. The songs are an A to Z of things African and are composed in vibrant African styles ranging from Afro-Jazz, Afro-fusion, Afro-pop, to more traditional sounds and a whole lot more!
Aside from teaching the Alphabet in a novel way, the CD exposes kids to wonderful African music and culture where they will get to learn about Ululating, Yebo, Impis, Marimbas and so much more.
The African Alphabet is the brainchild of the songwriting/production team of Graeme Sacks and Erika Strydom, co-founders of Burnt Bread Productions, and features the talented Relebogile "Lebo" Mabotja on lead vocals and internationally renowned jazz musician, Kelly Petlane, on flute, pennywhistle and alto saxophone.
The CD is further enhanced by the enthusiastic & musical vocals of a wonderful group of children from Redhill School in Johannesburg, under the leadership of Elise Coutts-Trotter.
All of these performers come together to make a refreshing, foot-tapping, sing-along African CD.
The CD is packaged in a Digipak (fold-out cardboard with a plastic tray) and is beautifully illustrated with pictures depicting each letter of the alphabet.

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