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Gito Baloi (Tananas) (1964-2004)
Roots Of Gito Baloi ....... SSCD 157 2013 SHEER
1. Fambaka
2. Ekaya
3. Fidzime
4. Woza
5. Verdade
6. Tiva
7. Caribbean Fusion
8. Sweet Thorn met Nibs Van Der Spuy
9. Location
10. Tiamo
11. Up and down met Mondetta
12. Sad Melody
13. Magic Touch

GITO BALOI, Mozambican bass guitarist and vocalist, composer extaordinaire! Known for his legendary work with SA supergroup Tananas. This selection spans material from 5 albums spanning the years between 1996 and his tragic untimely death in 2004, including material with Mondetta and Nibs van der Spuy.

Beyond ........................... CAVCD 002 2008
1. Quere mos Viver Em Paz
2. Sinto Me Bem
3. Mina Nawe
4. Todos Dias
5. Sol
6. Uma Mensagem
7. Protecao Deste Mundo
8. Matikweni
9. Over The Seas
10. Feeling Good (Remix)

Coming to South Africa from his birth land, Mozambique aged just sixteen, Gito Baloi began what was to become an illustrious musical career. By the time he was twenty he was a household name all over Southern Africa touring internationally as vocalist and bassist for the group Tananas. From 1995 he began a concurrent solo recording career, releasing four albums before his untimely death - he was killed in central Joburg, South Africa on his way back from a performance in Pretoria on 4th April 2004.
"Beyond" is a post humous album, ten previously unreleased tracks which Gito had begun recording and which were completed by producer Dave Reynolds and a host of big name studio guests: Steve Newman (of Tananas), Paul Hanmer, Ian Herman (of Tananas), Dave Reynolds, McCoy Mrubata, Moses Khumalo, Pedro Da Silva Pinto (of 340ml), Tlale Makhene, Tony Cox, Frank Paco, Nibs van der Spuy, Deepak Ram, Rui Soeiro (of 340ml), Bernice Boikanyo, Paulo Chibanga (of 340ml), Thuli Mdlalose, Eliot Short, Vusi Maseko and Graeme Sacks.
According to Dave "... literally hundreds of unreleased compositions by Gito, recorded but never finally produced or distributed, provide rich ground for an outstanding album. Gito's fan base speaks volumes for the need for this project: spanning a broad spectrum from youth to the elderly, his audiences included jazz lovers, world music junkies, instrumental and vocal music lovers, across all the colours of our country. His work is a piece of our nation's collective history. Gito's themes were timeless and universal, reflecting a deep respect for our country's culture and ethos. And his values - love, respect, passion, courage and peace - share a vision full of hope for young musicians."
Beyond is also a charity venture with donations from all the people involved and some funding from the National Arts Council. 100% of the proceeds of album sales will go to the Gito Baloi MEMORIAL TRUST a fund which was created for his children.

met Nibs van der Spuy
Sweet-Thorn .................... GHR 001 2004 GREENHOUSE
1. Todos
2. Salaam
3. Mountain Wind
4. Sweet-Thorn
5. Lunga
6. Mosaic
7. Flor a Chuva
8. Iklanganile i Afrika
8. Um lugar ao sol
10. Skeleton coast
11. Canarias
12. Lamp on a stand

met Gito Baloi, Nibs van der Spuy, Chris Tokalon, Kyla Rose-smith

Herbs & Roots .............. SSCD 077 2001 SHEER
1. Hinkwafo
2. Township Drive
3. Location
4. tiva
5. Xawane
6. Zumba Funky
7. That's Right
8. Verdade
9. Herbs & Roots
10. Harrow Road
11. Sad Melody
12. Ntyilo Ntyilo
13. Drone

Remembering - Best Of Gito Baloi . SLCD 071 2004 SHEER
1. Mpfumo Samba
2. Friends
3. Na Ku Randza
4. Marrabenta
5. I Fikile Inkululeko
6. Hinkwafo
7. Cape Vibes
8. Township Drive
9. Xawane
10. African Riff
11. Nada
12. Ampvula Ya Vuya
13. Tocamos Todos Dias
14. Inkhama
15. Yezzman
16. Mountain Wind

Two In One 2CD ............. SLCD 042 2003 SHEER
Disk 1: Ekaya CD
Disk 2: Na Ku Randza CD

Na Ku Randza ..................................... 1997
1. Marrabenta
2. Fmbaka
3. African Riff
4. Muito Tempo
5. Na Ku Randza
6. Tiamo
7. Magic Touch
8. Woza
9. Lorha's Aura
10. Liberdade
11. Moving Forward
12. Folosofia
13. A Um Lugar

Ekhaya .................................................. 1995
1. Mpfumo Samba
2. Ekaya
3. 5/4 Groove
4. Lidzime
5. Asian Trip
6. Iklanganile Iafrika
7. Caribbean Fusion
8. Ifikile Inkululeko
9. Ampvula Ya Vuyo
10. Yimbela
11. Kulama Nami
12. Ancestors
13. Basic GB

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