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Geoff Love
Your Top TV Themes LP . MFP 5272 1972 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. Hawaii Five-O (Mort Stevens)
2. Sleepy Shores (from Owen M.D.) (Johnny Pearson)
3. Strange Report (Roger Webb)
4. Crossroads (Tony Hatch)
5. The Jason King Theme (Laurie Johnson)
6. Bless This House (Geoff Love)
Side Two:
1. Love Theme From Spartacus (from The Onedin Line) Khachaturian arr Charles/Nevvell)
2. Match Of The Day (Barry Stoller)
3. The Kiss (from Love Story) (Jack Parnell)
4. The Troubleshooters (Tom Springfield)
5. Theme From Casanova (Vivaldi arr. Love)
6. Theme From The Persuaders (John Barry)


How often do you hear someone say, 'Do you remember such and such a series on television ?' Or, 'Do you remember so and so in . . . what was it called ?'
Geoff Love and his orchestra bring you a brand new album of top TV themes that will help you remember some of the plays and series that are showing or have been shown on television. Geoff Love has already given us an LP of TV Western Themes (MFP 1405) and now he turns his talents and attention to a much broader field of entertainment from the world of television; the world of comedy (Sid James in Bless This House), thrillers (The Persuaders), soap-operas (the perennial Crossroads), adventure (The Onedin Line), romance (Casanova) and even sport (Match ofthe Day).
The 12 themes on this LP are penned by some of the top songwriters in the country including Tom Springfield (The Troub/eshooters), Laurie Johnson (Jason King) and Roger Webb (Strange Report). Classical composers are also represented. Antonio Vivaldi composed The Four Seasons over two hundred years ago and it is the theme from the allegro of Autumn that was used for the controversial series Casanova. On this record the theme has been arranged by Geoff Love.
The other classical composer represented is Khachaturian. His theme from Spartacus (arranged by Charles/Newell on this record) was used as the theme for the successful series The Onedin Line. Indeed this theme has been so popular that it entered the pop charts. So did two other themes included on this LP, Johnny Pearson's Sleepy Shores, the theme from the twice-weekly serial Owen MD. and John Barry's catchy tune for the Tony Curtis/Roger Moore opus The Persuaders.
Here is an album of your top TV themes played with verve and panache by Geoff Love and his orchestra. Whatever your taste in television viewing it will bring enjoyment to all the family. - omslag

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