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General aka GTZ (Siphiwe Sibisi) (Chiskop)
Street Mission ................... CDFIZZ 010 187 RECORDS/NEXT MUSIC
1. Ungibhekisela Phansi
2. Thatha Ukubheka
3. Sesivuthiwe
4. Da General
5. 3 Months
6. Awuthi Yami
7. Buya Ekhaya
8. Magazine
9. Bamkhuza Le Na Le
10. Baphi Laba
11. Magazine
12. Stokvel
13. Horn Blowers
14. Awuthi Yami

The story of General is almost synonymous with the story of Kwaito itself, coming from the South African townships and rising to the status of one of the most popular musical styles in the country. Siphiwe Sibisi, known as General, formed Kwaito super group Chiskop with childhood friend and fellow Kwaito prodigy Mandoza. Together, under the watchful eye of producer extraordinaire Gabi le Roux, their trademark hard-hitting, streetwise style of music was established. General once again teamed up with Le Roux to produce Street Mission, a fresh take on the township inspired fusion of Pantsula, Hip Hop and Rap.
Street Mission is a must have for this summer!

Thatha Zonke .................. CDCCP 2026 CCP RECORDS
1. Soldier Lami (DJ's Dub Mix met Mario Cee)
2. General Maskruza (Chilled Jazz-house Mix)
3. Soldier Lami (Remix met Mario Cee)
4. Ngipushani
5. Siya Showa met Labella
6. Umthetho met Mashona
7. Bullet
8. Soldier Lami (Original Mix)
9. Umfana Wase Ghetto
10. General Maskruza (Original Hard Mix)

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