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Garth Taylor
Stripped Down Soul'd Out . STIDCD 160 2009 STING MUSIEK

Some people are born to write; some are born to sing; some are lucky enough to be able to do both!

Fresh out of the studio, Garth Taylor's much-anticipated album 'Stripped Down Soul'd Out' hits the shelves in early August.

Falling back on the success of his hit single-'Why'-the new album sees Garth going back to his roots and creating music that is true to his soul! To Garth, "music is a universal language that knows no boundaries." While his music has matured, Garth has remained true to his style, creating a fusion of jazz, soul and funk that promises to deliver everything that fans have come to expect from this talented artist.

As a distinguished singer/songwriter, Garth's unique talent has made him one of South Africa's most renowned artists. This multi-talented, self-taught artist writes all his own music and lyrics, as well as plays a variety of instruments, from keyboards, drums and bass to guitar and the saxophone. While in his past albums Garth has produced, engineered and mixed, the new album sees Garth giving over the reins to award-winning producer, Crighton Goodwill. To ensure the highest quality product, the album was mastered in the UK.

The 11 track album showcases Garth's vocal abilities and writing skills and boasts a variety of hit tracks, from the more down-tempo ballads like 'If I Gave You My Soul' (which is the first single off the album) and 'If I Could Raise My Hands' to the rich and beautiful textures of 'Piece of Me' and 'Home Again,' moving to the more upbeat tracks like 'How Much (Do I Adore You)' and 'Way Home.' The album also includes the original production of 'Why'.

Garth Taylor's debut album 'Who I Am' took South Africa by storm. 'Why' hit the charts at #1 and has become something of a classic anthem to the South African public. Other singles receiving extensive airplay include 'Tonite' and the popular duet with Melanie Lowe, 'Islands In The Stream.'

Garth Taylor is undoubtedly one of the leading live acts in the country. He has already shared the stage with both international and local artists, including the likes of Simply Red, Shaggy, Jonathan Butler, Jimmy Dludlu, Nianell, Dozi, Mandoza, and the late Brenda Fassie, TK and Lebo Mathosa.

With Garth's dedication and experience, he has gained tremendous enthusiasm and confidence on stage, giving the crowds a memorable experience at every performance. His passion and talent, combined with his strong vocal delivery and energetic shows, draw crowds wherever he performs.

Garth has remained humble at heart, and has used his celebrity status to raise much needed awareness and funds for various charities.

Revolution ....................... SMCD 128 2005 SHEER/SABC3
1. Who's To Say
2. Wit You Hands Up
3. Revolution
4. Fool In Love
5. Everyday
6. Good Times
7. Worth Your While
8. Until I Saw You
9. No More Broken Hearts
10. Thank You

Who Am I ................................. CDVM 40 VALUE MARKETING
1. Who Am I
2. Stay
3. Tired
4. I'll Love You More
5. Are You Coming Back
6. Tonite
7. I Can Give You Love
8. All That I Need
9. Far Away
10. Do I Cry
11. Why .. ?
12. I Love The way You Don't
13. Something About You
14. Imagine *
15. Why .. ? (Cool Edit) *
16. Missing You *

Why .. ? .......... RTFCD745/RTBCD2223 2007 PT MUSIC
1. Why .. ? (Original Radio Version)
2. Special
3. Missing You
4. If Only Walls Could Talk
5. I Love The Way You
6. Something About You
7. Why .. ? (Chanty Mix)
8. Why .. ? (Cool Edit)

Only With You / Stand Beside Me . AM002 ADVENTURE MUSIC
1. Only With You
2. Stand Beside Me
3. I Am Afraid
4. Why .. ? - Acoustic

met Melanie Lowe
Islands In The Stream CDS .........
1. Islands In The Stream met Melanie Lowe
2. Tonite - Garth Taylor
3. Think I'll Stay - Melanie Lowe

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