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Flat Stanley (nou Macstanley)
Between 2wo Worlds . CDJUST 175 2007 JUST MUSIC
1. Daytrippers
2. Paper Thin (1st Single)
3. Song For The Broken Hearted
4. As I Am
5. Freedive
6. Stereo
7. I Warrior
8. Summer On It's Way
9. Stay
10. Deja vu
11. Coming Home
12. Outer Space

With their second album, Between 2wo Worlds, Flat Stanley have turned in a melodic rock album that likely will see this Cape Town band imprint their intimately rendered sound on a far broader audience than they've already accumulated over the past four years. Produced, like 2004 debut, Of Secrets And Wine, by Theo Crous (Springbok Nude Girls), and featuring the Flat Stanley core of Andy Mac on vocals, Clinton on rhythm guitar and backing vocals and Neil on lead guitar, Between 2wo Worlds offers up near-impeccable songwriting and an, at times, astonishing musicality that surpasses the expectations many have for the band.
But it's the sheer musical savviness and strength of their material that prevents Flat Stanley from veering even close to the pit of blandness that a great deal of mainstream rock sinks so easily into. Elevating all 12 tracks on Between 2wo Worlds are streaks of sonic inspiration that fall, like tenderly-wrapped gifts, between the folds of the songs - the strings that shadow Mac's voice on "Freedive", the slow, sparse start to "Stereo", the impossibly gorgeous guitarwork on "I, Warrior" and "Outer Space" and the vocal layering on "Song for the Broken Hearted".
Like its predecessor, Between 2wo Worlds doesn't stint on radio singles. Right out of the gate is "Paper Thin", a song that tugs at you, offering morsels of melody and wordplay that are impossible to resist. Also certain to turn up at radio before long is album opener, "Daytrippers", a Celtic-influenced cut that tumbles forward, the strings and Mac's epic (but never histrionic) vocals stating Flat Stanley's intention right at the start.
What Flat Stanley do so terrifically is bring together melody and lyrics in a way that may nod at the band's influences (Counting Crows, U2) but are unsullied by attempts to be soundalikes. Flat Stanley make no bones about their quest for an epic sound and the strings that saturate Between 2wo Worlds give plenty of evidence of that.
"It's no secret that one of my personal dreams is to see Flat Stanley joined by a full orchestra live on stage one day," says Mac.

Of Secrets And Wine ...... F1000397 2004 BOWLINE
1. Gullible
2. Mauwgli
3. Anthem For The Living
4. Renegades
5. Egofriendly
6. Be There
7. An Awareness Of You
8. Baggage
9. Yourself In Me
10. Treading Air
11. Fadeaway
12. Truly Loving You
13. Rain
14. Real Live Girl
15. Timelines
16. DATA

Cape Town based band FLAT STANLEY has taken the SA music scene by storm with the launch of their eagerly awaited debut album, Of Secrets and Wine. Play-listed on 5FM daytime, their song "Treading Air" is now on Samsung High 5 at 5 for its 20th week and was at the no 1 position for 3 weeks. "Treading air" is also playing on OFM and all Campus Radio stations nationwide. Adult Contemporary listeners can tune in to KFM and RSG to hear " Real live girl". To add to the hit tracks on Of secrets and Wine, listen to Highveld Stereo and Clicks Radio to catch track 1 off the album: 'Gullible' and tune in to Bush Radio to hear 'Mauwgli'. 'Mauwgli ' is also currently no 1 on UCT Radio.

The album is the result of two years of creative effort, inspiration and hard grind by this melody based acoustic rock outfit and is bolstered by the genius of producer, Theo Crous, who has played a seminal part in helping the band define their sound. The album features vocals by Andrew Mac, Clinton Gahwiler on rhythm guitar + backing vocals, Neil Potgieter on lead guitar and Clive Pringle on cello. Paul Tizzard (ex The Usual) on drums and Rob Nel (Golliwog) on bass worked so well in the studio that Paul and Rob will be joining FLAT STANLEY for live performances from now on.

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