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Fire Through The Window
Hey ......................................... SEED 134 SEED MUSIC
1. Do Do Do
3. Dirty Dance Floor
4. Hey!
5. Can't Stop
6. Just Like You Are
7. Last Week
8. Woo Hoo!
9. Chicken Run
10. Run Run Run
11. Orange Shoes

Fire Through The Window ............... 2007

skakels :

Southern Pulse is proud to announce the Gauteng launch of the Rock Summer
Tour, with Taxi Violence, Ashtray Electric and Fire Through The Window. The
Rock Summer Tour strives to take the hottest of South African music talent
on the road for 12 days in what can only promise to be, the experience of a

Summer, sun, love, music.

Kicking off in Johannesburg and Pretoria be sure not to miss them at the
following venues:

Thu, 19 November
CCHQ, Edenvale, Johannesburg
R60 cover / 20:00

Fri, 20 November
Hotbox Studios, Pretoria
R40 before 8 pm, R50 thereafter
With Wrestlerish 19:00

Sat, 21 November
Cool Runnings, Fourways
R40 before 7pm, R50 thereafter, starts 19:00
With Wrestlerish, The Uncut and Dead Alphabet

When the front covers of South Africa's daily entertainment newspapers throughout three different cities announced the arrival of "The next BIG things!" early on in 2006, it was with a sense of uncanny prophecy, for in the months that followed, Taxi Violence would, through sheer dedication and solid musicianship, rise from relative local obscurity to being a band in national demand.

Taxi Violence released their critically acclaimed debut album, "Untie Yourself", in 2006 which went on to be nominated for a South African Music Award (SAMA) for "Best English Rock Album of the Year."

In 2009 the band released their much anticipated album second album, The Turn with the first single Devil & Pistol doing well across radio stations on a national level and a strong support on television for the first video. The band has returned triumphantly from their first European tour with their sights set firmly on the future.

Winner of the MK Award 2009 for Best Newcomer, Ashtray Electric, brings you a fresh new sound that is a delicate mixture of foot-tapping beats and rolling riffs. Not adhering to commercial beats, Ashtray Electric is taking the SA Music Scene by their very own handshake of music that is inspired by a large selection of musical styles and genres.

In 2008, Ashtray Electric recorded a new single "Quite Overstared" for the Bellville Rock City compilation that was released by Rhythm Records in December 2008. "Quite Overstared" was playlisted on campus radiostations nationwide and reached the no 1 position on TUKS FM Top 30 and no 1 on TUKS FM SA Top 10. The video of "Quite Overstared" reached no 1 on MK Top 10 and is also playing on MTV Base.

Ashtray Electric released their first full length album "Bonjour" on 29 April 2009. The album consists of 10 new tracks, a 15 minute documentary of the band titled "Lead me to Sea" (filmed and produced by The African Attachment), as well as the video and making of "Quite Overstared."

Durban based pop/rock band band, Fire Through The Window, have released the highly anticipated follow up to their 2007 eponymous debut album. The band's sophomore effort, entitled "Hey!", contains eleven newly recorded tracks, a handful of which were singles from the original release.

Originally a two-piece, Fire Through The Window recorded their first album in 2007 on a whim as a pet project, only to be greeted with unexpected success. Their first single "Just Like You Are" was selected as the official song and video of the Apple iPod Nano television campaign and went all the way to the top 10 of national charts, securing them four national tours in 2008 and slots at festivals like Splashy Fen, Oppikoppi, Rocking The Daisies and Woodstock. Shortly after, their label at the time closed its doors and effectively their album became limited edition.

The band have just completed the music video for the first single, "Do Do Do", and will be continuously moving around South Africa in the next few months promoting the new album.

For further information please contact Maryke Zietsman

2011 05 08 - Park Acoustics: Desmond + the Tutus, Taxi Violence, Fire Through The Window, The December Streets, Voortrekker Monument, 12:00, online tickets @ -

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