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Falling Short
Feel Free to Complain .. F1000895 2006 BOWLINE
1. Kick It
2. Thoughts
3. Free
4. Sed and Dun
5. Drowning
6. Beauty Queen
7. Holiday
8. A Lighter Shade of Grey
9. Focus
10. Human Nature
11. Revelations
12. Something Different

Falling Short is a four-piece band based in Pretoria, whose sound can be described as energized, melodic nu-metal. The band has been together since 2001, and has been playing live shows since 2002. The band members and their respective roles are as follows: Reinard Steyn (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Tyrone Swinton (lead guitar and backing vocals), Francois Booyse (bass guitar and backing vocals), Kyle Meidlinger (drums).

All the lyrics on the album was written by Reinard Steyn and the title of the album describes the band's mature attitude to life. Falling Short just cannot do anything else but play and record music due to their combined passion for it.

The band's debut album Feel Free To Complain was launched on March 10th 2006 at Cool Runnings in Centurion and this young band is set to rock you whilst they move up in the SA music scene.

skakels :

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