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Ernie "Lastig" Solomons


"A Lucky Man" is based upon the real life story of Ernie 'Lastig' Solomon, a legendary gangster from the violent and crime-ridden area known as the Cape Flats, a depressed peri-urban sprawl abutting the world-acclaimed city of Cape Town.

Cape Town is a veritable 'tale of two cities', a city of wealth and of city of poverty; a city of yet undefined identity seeking to live with itself. Ernie Solomon is a man in search of his identity. Is he the product of his circumstances, a victim of fate and of circumstance, a violent criminal destined to live on the periphery of society? Or is he a 'lucky man', one who discovers that he has to become a self-directed agent, a master of his own destiny?

"A Lucky Man" explores the question of identity and morality in a society circumscribed by social engineering and by fate.

A complex, powerful life story told through the life of a man, a 'lucky man' who spent most of it watching his back and who now faces the future in the knowledge of his hard fought-for and found sense of self. - LUCKYMANPICTURES

"A Lucky Man' is a morality story in which the perplexing issues of identity and morality are played out in the life of a man literally living on the edge.

Set in the impoverished Cape Flats, a peri-urban sprawl on the periphery of one of the world's most beautiful cities, Cape Town,' A Lucky Man' traces the story of Ernie's search for identity and meaning as it takes him on a road in which he collides with both family and society. He becomes the ultimate outcast, a bastard son and a criminal. For such a one there is but one home, prison, the 'Big House', the inevitable destination.

Born into a family where he is an outsider and growing up in a city and country in which he is a member of a community deemed neither white nor black, Ernie 'Lastig' Solomon sets out on a road fraught with crime, violence and abuse in search of himself and a place he can call home. It is the universal tale of humanity: the longing for belonging. - facebook

E-Solo - Ons Is Almal Society VID >>> (2010)
- VIDEO VAN DIE DAG 2020/11/29
- VIDEO VAN DIE DAG 2020/07/31

Society CD/DVD ............... ESOLO 1 2010
Disk 1:
1. Society
2. Ghetto Family
3. Get Close To Me
4. Society (Remix)
5. Ghetto Family (Remix)
6. Get Close To Me (Remix)
Disk 2:
1. Esolo Music Video
2. The Making Of Esolo Music Video
3. Artist Profile

Sabela Die Nomber van 6 7 & 8 . GR010 2002 GROOVE TOWN/SONOPRESS/GHETTO TUNES
1. Ek Is Lief Vir My Ma En Pa - MP3 >>>
2. Laat Os Bymekaar Raak - MP3 >>>
3. Die Song Is Vir My Seun (Macdolan)
4. Ons Gaan Sabela Ouens
5. Pumalanga, Slapilanga, Chonnalanga
6. Ons Het Ge-Survive
7. Fondela Daai Nompangela
8. Mense Van Elsies
9. Os Rakie Swakkie (Os Maak Sterk)
10. Memeza Mandela
11. Ouens Los Julle Dinge (Interview) met Past. Martins
- LIED VAN DIE DAG 2020/11/27 - Ek Is Lief Vir My Ma En Pa >>>

met lirieke Ernie Solomons, agtergrondstemme Die Ouens, musiek, produksie Al Etto, SABC Kaapstad

die rustige skud-skud wat die kaap vir soveel mense verwoord, en die skud-skud wat met menigte kore die volksmond oorneem, die rustige Groove Station vibe ... hier bloot begeleiding.
die lirieke word singerig gepraat. 'n reguit verhaal wat die lewe van Ernie Lastig deur hom, in sy eie woorde vertel.

skakels :

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