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Engelbert Humperdinck .com
Goue Treffers Van Englebert Humperdinck . SAPCD011 2006 SAP MUSIC
1. Embraceable You
2. Moonlight Becomes You
3. Harbour Lights
4. Stardust
5. As Time Goes By
6. The More I See You
7. Red Sails In The Sunset
8. The Very Thought Of You
9. Far Away Places
10. I'll Walk Alone
11. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
12. My Foolish Heart
13. But Beautiful
14. In The Still Of The Night
15. Yours
16. I'll Be Seeing You
17. I Don't Want To Walk Without You
18. Long Ago And Far Away
19. You'll Never Know

Memories ........................... RTBCD2272 PT MUSIC
1. You Belong To My Heart
2. The More I See You
3. They Say It's Wonderful
4. Red Sails In The Sunset
5. As Time Goes By
6. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
7. In The Still Of The Night
8. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
9. The Very Thought Of You
10. You'll Never Know
11. Moonlight Becomes You
12. Yours
13. Stardust
14. My Foolish Heart
15. But Beautiful
16. I'll Be Around
17. I'll Walk Alone
18. Long Ago And Far Away
19. Embraceable You
20. I Don't Want To Walk Without You
21. I'll Be Seeing You
22. Far Away Places
23. Harbour Lights
24. I Wish I Knew

Romance serves as the core of Engelbert Humperdinck's music lasting success. He knows how to pick songs with eternal themes of love and longing and lovers always want to hear them sung. Includes the Standards- You belong to my heart, The more i see you, red sails in the sunset, as time goes by, i'm getting sentimental over you & a lovely way to spend an evening. Engelbert Humperdinck will be performing at Grand Arena, Grand West, Cape Town on the 20th June and at Carnival City, Big Top Arena, Johannesburg on the 22nd and 223rd June.

Huge Karaoke Hits of Tom Jones vs Engelbert Humperdinck . OKS112 SMUG MUSIC

Engelbert Humperdinck / Roger Whittaker - Two On One kompilasie . CDBSP3030 BSP

Sentimental & Gentle LP . MFP 54943 1979 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE/SOUNDS SUPERB
Side One:
1. Release Me
2. Spanish Eyes
3. A Man And A Woman
4. Two Different Worlds
5. There's A Kind Of Hush
6. The Last Waltz
Side Two:
1. Three Little Words I Love You
2. This Is My Song
3. Gentle On My Mind
4. Wonderland By Night
5. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
6. Shadow Of Your Smile

Engelbert Humperdinck - "Live" LP . SRSJ 8016 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE

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