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Pastor Kevin Booysen Featuring Dumisani
Gospel Favourites - Vol. 1 . NVISCD 081 2014 NEW VISION MUSIC
- Celebrating 21 Years of true South African Gospel Music

Al Die Lof - Live DVD . HOEZDVD 09 2012 HOEZIT MUSIEK
1. Al Die Lof
2. Sy Liefde Is Wonderbaar Medley: Sy Liefde Is Wonderbaar; We Serve A Miracle Working God
3. Woord: "Jy Moet Net Glo"
4. Hy's Nog Dieselfde Jesus
5. Sion Roep Na Jou
6. Hy Is My Rots
7. Eer Jou Moeder En Jou Vader
8. Woord: "Maak Jou Mooi"
9. Vol Liefde
10. Jy Is Spesiaal
11. Loof Hom
12. We Are Marching Medley: We Are Marching Over To Jerusalem; Zion
13. Kom Woon In My Hart
14. U Is Wonderbaar
15. Naby U
16. Dis Moed Gevat

Dumisani needs no introduction to South African churches, being it whichever denomination; their music has become part of everyone's Pinkster Sunday Services. They are also rated amoungst the most popular Gospel groups in the country. Dumisani consistently travels to various parts of South Africa and once they've been to a town or province they're sure to be invited back again and again. Dumisani performs both Afrikaans and English music and remain one of those bands that keep their South African heritage. There sound makes them distinct in the industry. Where many bands and groups constantly change their genre of music, Dumisani has been keeping their genre and 'sound' for more than a decade. This LIVE DVD brings a higher quality of Dumisani to the Gospel Music scene, with the theme song "Al Die Lof" being played on television on the One Gospel channel. This DVD is their latest and only DVD release in 2012. The intimacy of the DVD is visible and delivers a message of Hope to people who have been going through tough times....Songs like "We Serve A Miracle Working God", "Hy's Nog Dieselfde Jesus", "Sion Roep Na Jou", "Vol Liefde", "Jy Is Spesiaal", "Kom Woon In My Hart" are all featured on the DVD. The event had people weeping and edified and all these moments were captured to share with the rest of South Africa.
New Vision's previous Dumisani DVD release; NVISDVD02 - Dumisani & Vriende, released in 2009 sold very well in mainly the Cape, Northern Cape, Port Elizabeth and Namibia and to date remains a constant catalogue seller.

Shine On Me & Ander Groot Treffers . HOEZD207 2012 HOEZIT MUSIEK
1. Die Evangelie
2. Wat Sal My Skei
3. Africa Will Be Saved
4. King Of All Kings
5. There Is Victory
6. Shine On Me
7. Hy't Die Wonders Kom Doen
8. Sion Roep Na Jou
9. Lion Of Judah
10. Sy Kinders Verlaat Hy Nooit
11. Wie Maak Die Reën?
12. Laat Julle Harte Nie Onsteld Word Nie
13. We Praise
14. Precious Lamb
15. Eternity

Kevin Booysen & Dumisani
Se Beste Van Die Beste Gospel Treffers . NVISCD062 2009 NEW VISION MUSIC
1. Sy Naam Moet Jesus Wees
2. Give Me Power
3. His Blood Alone
4. Daar's Oorwinning
5. Hy Haal My Uit Die Modder
6. My Sins
7. Hy's 'n Wonderbaar Heiland
8. More Than Enough For Me
9. U Is Magtig
10. Ek Verlang My Heiland By My
11. Jesus My Heiland
12. Sal Jou Anker Hou?
13. Wat Gaan Jy Maak?
14. Groot Genade
15. Staan Op

Dumisani & Vriende
Live at Mitchell's Plain - Pinkster Musiek Op Sy Beste DVD . NVISDVD02 2009 NEW VISION/SELECT
1. Wonderbaar Heiland
2. Heilfontein
3. Sy Kinders Verlaat Hy Nooit
4. Heilig Is U Naam
5. U Alleen Regeer
6. Thank You Lord
7. Wie Maak Die Reën?
8. Wat Gaan Jy Maak?
9. Hanna
10. Power Medley
11. Getsemane
12. His Blood Alone

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