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DJ Cleo
Eskhaleni 9 2CD ........ CDRBL 708 2013 UNIVERSAL
Disk 1:
1. Complex Topic
2. The Best Is Yet To Come
3. Deep Down Es'khaleni
4. Come Back Home met Tats Nkonzo
5. Isn't She Lovely
6. Soul Bump
7. Eskhaleni Soul
8. I Don't Want Your Money met Tia Herman
9. Fvck You met Clint Brink & Lindo
10. Heaven On Earth
11. The Beat met R. Padilla
12. Gratitude
13. Corker
Disk 2:
1. Shaya met Adam Glasser & Pinise Saul
2. Lord I Feel Your Love met Sandile Gontsana
3. It's Been So Long met DJ Sue
4. I'll Be There
5. House Concept
6. Skorokoro met Inspector Mkhaba & Condry Ziqubu
7. Shindaku met Mama Joy
8. Zooma met DJ Mlungu
9. Investa met Teddybears
10. Mbizo Rocker met Phuzekhemisi
11. Igqomu
12. No ish met Thando Thabethe
13. Bafikile met Inspector Mkhaba & DJ Brian
14. Put Your Hands
15. We Are The Bad Boys met Aka & Jahseed

Tlou Cleopas Monyepao popularly known as DJ Cleo is back with his 9th double disk entitled ES'KHALENI SOUL and he is the executive producer of the album. He is still doing what he does best giving his followers and fans 'good music'. There is no doubt that this 34-year-old musician is a trend-setter. When it comes to dance music, he leads and the rest follow. Imagine being called a veteran at his age...He is a producer, song writer and singer just to mention a few. DJ Cleo is a master when it comes to his craft. And what sets him apart besides the talent he has is the respect he has for his fans.
This time DJ Cleo went for the kill judging from the heavyweights and veterans he features in both discs. Discs 1 feature at least 13 tracks while disc 2 has 15 tracks, and believe me, once you start playing both discs you will not want to put them down. The offering has powerful tracks such as Zooma featuring DJ Mlungu, Mbizo Rocker featuring legendary Phuzekhemisi, No Ish featuring Club 808 co-presenter Thando Thabethe, Skorokoro featuring legendary Condry Ziqubu and Inspector Mkhaba and We are the bad boys featuring AKA and Jahseed.
This Ekurhuleni born has managed to make the title 'Es'khaleni' some sort of religion and it has worked for him as he now has the 9th edition of it. He has helped discover and hone some of the music talent in the country, and with his unique skills and business mind, DJ Cleo is a role model to many. This king of music downloads owns his own record label Will of Steel Productions and he has worked with popular names like Brickz, Pitch Black Afro, Mzekezeke, Mandoza, Donald Moatshe, The late Brown Dash and he also worked on the soundtrack for the Oscar-winning feature film Tsotsi, and the list goes on. ES'KHALENI 9 ANDSOUL is a must have in your collection.

Es'Khaleni 6 ..................... CDWOS011 GHETTO RUFF
1. Good Music (2010 SAMA Nominasie)
2. I'm Back
3. Young Nation (Obama Remix)
4. I Call Your Name With Love
5. Ndizayitya Lemali
6. When I First Saw You
7. Ho Thata
8. Mzimba Shaker
9. Jonna Mma We
10. Amareke

Es'Khaleni 5 ............... CDWOS008 2008 GHETTO RUFF

Es'Khaleni 4 ................ CDWOS006 2007 GHETTO RUFF

Es'Khaleni 3 ................. CDWOS004 2006 GHETTO RUFF

Es'Khaleni 2 ............... CDWOS003 2005 GHETTO RUFF

Es'Khaleni .................. CDWOS001 2004 GHETTO RUFF

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