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Dennis van Rooyen
Vrolike Orrel LP .................. LSJ 379 1970 JUWEEL
Kant Een:
1. Tantes Van Nantes
2. Jy Is My Liefling
3. Boerseun
4. Die Heidelied
5. In Die Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg
6. My Hart Verlang Na Die Boland
Kant Twee:
1. Groenkoringlande
2. Groen Is Die Land Van Natal
3. Huisie In Die Berge
4. Lente In Switzerland
5. Die Kaapse Draai
6. Net 'n Stille Uurtjie

Party Time LP ...................... RMG 1229 RAVE

The Best Of Dennis van Rooyen LP . RGM 1152 RAVE

Say It With Music - Vol. 4 LP . RMG 1142 RAVE

Gold Award LP .................... RMG 1135 RAVE
- A Special Commemorative Selection Of 42 Popular Tunes -
Side 1:
1. If You Knew Susie; Yes Sir, That's My Baby; You're The Cream In My Coffee
2. Our Love Affair; Maybe; Tangerine
3. Roamin' In The Gloamin'; I Love A Lassie; Comin' Thru The Rye; Wee Deoch 'n Doris; Road To The Isles
4. Love's Old Sweet Song
5. Magic Is The Moonlight; April In Portugal; The Breeze And I
6. I Can't Begin To Tell You; I'll Get By; This Is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
7. Mack The Knife; Goody-Goody; Bye-Bye Blackbird
8. Tico-Tico
Side 2:
1. Organ Grinder Joe
2. Silvery Moon; Moonlight Bay; Shine On Harvest Moon
3. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White; Perfidia
4. Die Swaeltjie; By Die Ou Meulstroom
5. Button Up Your Overcoat; Side By Side; Sugar Time
6. Surrey With The Fringe On Top; Falling In Love Is Wonderful; People Will Say We're In Love
7. Why Do I Love You; Blue Room; Say It With Music
8. Echo Of A Serenade; Chao-Chao Bambino; Quasas

It is not the first time, (and we sincerely hope not the last time), that a South African Artist and Entertainer has received an award of some description to commemorate a distinctive occasion in his or her career, but Dennis van Rooyen has earned the unique distinction of being presented with a Gold Award, not only for a record number of L.P. albums sold, but mainly for being "The artist that has brought the rnost pleasure and joy to the South African public."
For some years now, Dennis van Rooyen has been South Africa's best known and best loved "one-man orchestra", travelling all over the country, keeping concert dates thousands of miles apart and endearing himself to thousands, of music lovers wherever he appeared. A great believer in charity work, Dennis would transport himself and his Hammond Organ to countless functions, playing solely for the pleasure that he derived from entertaining people. It was natural that Dennis's popularity should create a demand for his music on record, and thus over the past years' Dennis has recorded several Long-Playing Albums which further established his position as the most Popular Entertainer in South Africa.
Today, "Dennis" is a houshold name to the music-loving public, bringing joy to countless thousands through the medium of his public appearances and records, and it is with great pride that Rave Records dedicates this Gold Award album to Dennis van Rooyen. - A. H. - omslag

We Three LP ........................ RMG 1134 RAVE

Brazil LP ............................... RMG 1132 RAVE

Love's Old Sweet Song LP . RMG 1121 RAVE

The Music Goes Round LP . RMG 1119 RAVE

Say It With Music - Vol. 3 LP . RMG 1116 RAVE

Braaivleis Met Dennis van Rooyen LP . RMG 1110 RAVE
- 19 established favourits! / 19 gunstelinge!
Kant Een:
1. (a) Vanaand Gaan Die Volkies Koring Sny
(b) Riksja Boy (Carstens-De Waal)
(c) Ver In Die Wêreld, Kittie
2. Maanlig En Rose (Moonlight And Roses) (Lemare-Black-Woret)
3. (a) Die Hand Vol Vere (A. de Waal)
(b) Boegoeberg Se Dam
(c) Hier's Ek Weer
4. Sarie Marais
5. (a) Hoe Ry Die Boere
(b) Daar Kom Die Wa
(c) Vat Jou Goed En Trek
6. Skoppelmaai (Nico Carstens)
Kant Twee:
1. Kom Ons Gaan Blomme Pluk
2. (a) Bolandse Nooientjie
(b) Die Ossewa (J. Swart)
3. Aan Die Einde Van Die Dag (T. Roering)
4. Die Tortelduif Wals (Carstens-De Waal)
5. (a) Die Swaeltjie (Roodt-De Waal)
(b) By Die Ou Meulstroom (H. Darewski)
6. Silwer Hare Tussen Goud (Arr. De Waal)
7. (a) Brandewyn Laat My Staan
(b) Jan Pierewiet

BRAAIVLEIS evenings are just as popular today as they were in the days when our grandparents were young. On this long-player, Dennis van Rooyen, South Africa's itinerant organist, plays a mixture of songs; some from the good old days, as well as a few newer ones which are fast becoming evergreens.
Durban-born Dennis van Rooyen has many fans; with his portable Hammond organ he has made numerous friends throughout the country, even in the smallest towns and out-of-the-way places. Wherever Dennis goes he makes music to gladden the hearts of all, and how admirably he does this with his present long-player. His love for what has become tradition to us is noticeable in every chord, and the charm of the melody is irresistible.
During the past couple of years, Afrikaans music has advanced beyond all recognition. New numbers have been composed by new composers-and old instruments like the guitar and the concertina are being played with new techniques, but Afrikaans music has retained its charm. The typical Afrikaans colouring has not been lost, and why should it be-what is innate to a nation will always remain.
South Africa's songs are being kept alive even though they are played on varied instruments, e.g., the mouth organ or by a whole orchestra! The soul of a nation is reilected in its light music and this tradition carried on from generation to generation.
On this L.P. you can share in the carefree melodies which characterise our hours of leisure. Songs which lend charm to even the most modern braaivleis evenings, dance melodies which make the feet itch even though there is nothing but green grass and white sands to dance on. Although old tunes of yesteryear are moulded into new forms - which is the case with this recording - Dennis mainly makes use of the Hammond.
Years ago the little house organ was a necessity to each orchestra-Dennis has now exchanged this instrument for the more modern Hammond organ - but the charm still remains. '.
Do listen to this unique recording and you will realise why Dennis van Rooyen's organ music is so ideally suited to the carefree hours of leisure around the fire!

DIE vleisbraai-aand is 'n Afrikaanse instelling wat vandag neg net soveel aftrek geniet as in die dae van Oupa en Ouma . ., en op hierdie nuwe langspeelplaat lewer Dennis van Rooyen, Suid-Afrika se eie reisende troebadoer, ook liedjies en deuntjies wat uit die Goeie Ou Dae dateer, plus 'n paar nuwes wat reeds hulle plekke ingeneem het in ons volk se harte.
Dennis van Rooyen, wat in Durban woonagtig is, het reeds talle volgelinge in ons land. Met sy reisende orrel het hy reeds vriende gemaak met die inwoners van selfs die kleinste dorpies. Waar hy gaan, bring hy musiek, geluk en vreugde . . . en dit is geluk en vreugde wat hierdie opname deurstraal. Sy liefde vir wat ons eie is spreek uit elke akkoord, elke noot, elke melodie en die bekoring is onweerstaanbaar.
In die afgelope paar jaar het Afrikaanse musiek met rasse skrede vooruitgegaan. Nuwe nommers is gekomponeer, nuwe komponiste het tevoorskyn getree en ou bekende instrumente soos die kitaar en die konsertina is met; nuwe tegniek bespeel-maar die kleur en die sjarme van Afrikaanse musiek skemer nog deur. Daardie eie Afrikaanse kleur kan maar nie heeltemal onderdruk word nie-en waarom sal dit? Wat eie is aan 'n volk, sal saam met daardie volk bly.
Net soos die deuntjies en die liedjies van gister ook lewende bly . . . en dikwels in nuwe verms gegiet word--soos op hierdie opname waar Dennis van Rooyen hoofsaaklik van die orrel gebruik maak-so word die eie atmosfeer wat aan 'n volk se liedjies kleef, saamgedra en lewend gehou, al word daardie liedjies nou ook op 'n mondfluitjie of deur 'n blaasorkes gespeel. Die siel van 'n volk word dikwels weerspieël in sy ligte musiek, in die liedjies wat van geslag tot geslag oorgedra word.
En op hierdie opname kan u deel in die sorgvrye melodieë wat ons ure van ontspanning kenmerk; piekniekliedjies wat aan selfs die modernste vleisbraai-aand sjarme en 'n eie atmosfeer verleen dansdeuntjies wat voete kielie al is daar niks anders as groen gras of wit sand om op te skoffel nie.
Jare gelede was die huisorreltjie of altans die ,,musiekie" soos wat hy genoem is-dikwels n noodsaaklike deel van elke boere-orkes. Nou het Dennis daardie outydse orreltjie verruil vir 'n meer moderne Hammondorrel . . . maar die bekering is nog daar.
Luister gerus na hierdie unieke opname-en u sal weet waarom die orrelmusiek van Dennis van Rooyen so ideaal aanpas by daardie sorgvrye ure van ontspanning om die vuur! - GILBERT GIBSON - omslag

Reminiscing Through The Forty's LP . RMG 1109 RAVE
Side 1:
1. Yours; The Last Time I Saw Paris; White Cliffs Of Dover
2. If I Should Fall In Love Again; Somewhere In France With You
3. Lonely Weekend; Till The Lights Of London Shine Again; A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
4. Your Love Affair; Maybe; Tangerine
5. Bless You; As Time Goes By; Peg O' My Heart
Side 2:
1. Beer Barrel Polka
2. Lili Marlene; Don't Fence Me In, Blueberry Hill
3. I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover; You Are My Sunshine; Deep In The Heart Of Texas
4. I Can't Begin To Tell You; I'll Get By; This Is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
5. It Had To Be You; You Stepped Out Of A Dream; Amapola
6. Now Is The Hour; Sleepy Lagoon

Say It With Music - Volume 2 LP . RMG 1108 RAVE
Side 1:
1. You're Driving Me Crazy
2. Lily Of Laguna, You Made Me Love You, Oh You Beautiful Doll
3. Roamin' In The Gloamin', I Love A Lassie, Comin' Thru The Rye, Wee Deoch 'n Doris, Road To The Isles
4. Around The World In 80 Days, Charmaine, Song From Moulin Rouge
5. A Woman In Love, A Very Precious Love, I Could Have Danced All Night
6. Chicago, Swanee, Baby Face
Side 2:
1. Darktown Strutters Ball
2. The Loveliest Night Of The Year, Let Me Call You Sweetheart
3. A Fine Romance, If You Were The Only Girl In The World, Who's Sorry Now
4. On The Street Where You Live, All The Things You Are, Arrividerci Roma
5. I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby, Margie
6. In A Shanty In Old Shantytown, When You're Smiling, Ain't She Sweet

Say It With Music LP ........... RMG 1106 RAVE

Dennis Plays The Pops LP .................. RAVE
- Todays favourite Melodies Played By Dennis van Rooyen At The Hammond Organ -
Side One:
1. Roses Are Red
2. Tulips From Amsterdam
3. I Talk To The Trees
4. Ramblin' Rose
5. English Country Garden
6. From A Jack To A King
Side Two:
1. I Can't Stop Loving You
2. Adios Amigo
3. Wooden Heart
4. Stranger On The Shore
5. Moon River
6. Quando Quando

Dennis With A Beat LP .......................... RAVE
Side One:
1. Cincinatti Dancing Pig
2. Alley Cat
3. Fly Me To The Moon
4. Shoemaker's Holiday
5. Blame It On The Bossa Nova
6. I'm Just Wild About Harry
Side Two:
1. Dominique
2. Beginning To See The Light; Undecided; Three Little Words
3. You Belong To My Heart
4. Ber Mir Bist Du Schon
5. American Patrol; Pensylvania 65,000
6. 5 O'Clock Whistle

By Special Request LP .......................... RAVE
- Plays his most rewuested songs -

More Requests LP .................................. TRUTONE

More Pops! LP ...............................

Xmas & New Year Party LP ...........

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